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Month 7: I have the plague…again.

I always get the crud this time of year. It starts with allergies. Then my throat starts to itch. Then my body gives up the fight completely and I end up with bronchitis. This has happened every year since 1996. … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Welcome to Meme Town.

Today is the first day this week I haven’t had to wake up and hit the ground running. So I am taking my sweet ass time with some coffee, news and giggles this morning. I haven’t even started the dryer … Continue reading

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Spring 2013: The Season of the Brains

How is it that I’ve fallen into this routine of blogging, like, 3 days in a row, once a month?? Sigh. Just another sign that Spring is nigh I’m afraid. Spring around here is when I wear earplugs to keep … Continue reading

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I was honestly thinking more full-time awesome\ less full-time broke’n’sleepy….

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My Inner Child is a Demented Ballerina

So, if I don’t take my ADD medicine for awhile, or if I’m not able to manage it by other methods (see: arranging your environment), then I slowly twirl off into a delightful brand of my own psychosis which has … Continue reading

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Sharing my zombie movies means I love you. Der.

THIS IS ME AND BEN!! TODAY… AT ABOUT 5:15PM. I would be the one doing the chewing. He is FOREVER underestimating the amount of joy that can be taken from even a single zombie movie. Let alone a marathon of … Continue reading

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I need your brains!! Your lovely, magnificent BRAINS!!

My life this past week and a half has been all fence and no play. We are slammed!! Which is great, but it leaves me gasping for breath, and very little time to hang out with y’all. So hi there, … Continue reading

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