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Month 7: I have the plague…again.

I always get the crud this time of year. It starts with allergies. Then my throat starts to itch. Then my body gives up the fight completely and I end up with bronchitis. This has happened every year since 1996. … Continue reading

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Whoa!! It’s a………

Apologies to all you wonderful folks who have been so anxiously awaiting this news!! I couldn’t figure out how to get screen shots from the DVD of our sonogram… And I still haven’t. So apologies as well for the ridiculous … Continue reading

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Hi there. I’m not dead.

Despite what you may be thinking, I’m still here. It’s been a bit weird in my corner of the universe lately. And since I don’t exactly have permission to talk about the thing that’s been occupying my time…well…I just haven’t … Continue reading

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Florida Woman Shot By Oven While Trying to Make Waffles…No, REALLY. THIS HAPPENED.

This jewel caught my eye this morning as I was reading up on the nasties people had to says about last night’s Oscar’s ceremony (honestly, the day-after smack talk is my favorite part of the whole thing) And I snorted … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Welcome to Meme Town.

Today is the first day this week I haven’t had to wake up and hit the ground running. So I am taking my sweet ass time with some coffee, news and giggles this morning. I haven’t even started the dryer … Continue reading

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Spring 2013: The Season of the Brains

How is it that I’ve fallen into this routine of blogging, like, 3 days in a row, once a month?? Sigh. Just another sign that Spring is nigh I’m afraid. Spring around here is when I wear earplugs to keep … Continue reading

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Budgeting Like a Boss: Aspirin Masks for a case of the Lovelies

So we just recently discussed my being poor and making stuff so I can still be a fancy lady in my post about the amazing Thyme Toner¬†– well guess what my most favorite frankensteins!?! That toner has a compadre and … Continue reading

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