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Haute Noms: Roasted Vegetable Stock

Well, I’ve decided to change my tried-and-true chicken stock recipe to a roasted veggie one. It was a tough decision, but we sat down as a family, and talked our way through it. After much discussion, and a few tears……just kidding. … Continue reading

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There’s a baby in here: Be it Ninja or Pirate?

Well hi there my long-lost-but-no-less-loved friends. I’m just gonna cut to the chase here, because I have no skillz with the written equivalent of a drumroll. If you’re not a Facebook follower, you probably haven’t heard, I’M PREGNANT!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’ve … Continue reading

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I say “Ashtanga”, you say “What?”

I have decided to embark on a journey. And I have no idea where it ends, or what’s waiting for me when I get there. Except maybe some sweet bendy contortionist moves. Back when I had my stroke (18 months … Continue reading

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Go home kitten, you are drunk.

Barley is tanked. After going to the vet to get spayed, Bar came home on a 48 hour pain relief shot. She also has a cone that she hates so much it makes her walk backwards. Nonetheless, I’m exploiting my kitten’s … Continue reading

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I hold this truth to be self-evident, that I am probably not paying attention…

I can be a difficult person to be around. I know this about myself. A.D.H.D. isn’t always funny – or fun – or even remotely tolerable. It interrupts your life. Your social graces. Your routine. Your friendships. Your ability to … Continue reading

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Mix Tapes Yo: Joggin’ Music Du Jour

Hey kids!! If you’re new ’round here, just click the pic to listen kay?? Hugs!! ~ Jamie

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Running with Jazz Hands, Amongst Other Things

I got busy y’all. Really ridonkulously busy. Building fences and being a grown-up can get a wee smidge on the crazy side during the otherwise mild months of March-July. BUT!! I’ve been photo documenting all, so the stories are there!! … Continue reading

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