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Florida Woman Shot By Oven While Trying to Make Waffles…No, REALLY. THIS HAPPENED.

This jewel caught my eye this morning as I was reading up on the nasties people had to says about last night’s Oscar’s ceremony (honestly, the day-after smack talk is my favorite part of the whole thing) And I snorted … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Welcome to Meme Town.

Today is the first day this week I haven’t had to wake up and hit the ground running. So I am taking my sweet ass time with some coffee, news and giggles this morning. I haven’t even started the dryer … Continue reading

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Pearls of Wisdom from Jamie & Delma: These statements are not OSHA-approved. Also, don’t try us at home. Or ever, really.

I has not the brainal synapse fires para escribir this noon-after. Errrrr, wait a sec… *jostles-head-as-if-shaking-simming-pool-water-from-ear* smacks forehead a couple of times… RIGHT. SO. After a three-week dead run of throwing fence estimates together for folks who have put off building … Continue reading

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The Distraction is Revealed!! And it’s BEER. You’re shocked aren’t you?

Hello my lovelies!! I’ve missed you all so very much over the past week or so!! Thanks for all the likes and comments, I’ll be hitting you guys up and sending all my responses during our garage sale hours tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Male Pin-Ups: So sexy I just giggled until I cried.

Huzzah to Rion Sabean for these fantastic men in traditional pin-up poses. It’s about damn time!! May I just say I adore all these guys for their efforts…I think I may just have to hang these up in the ladies … Continue reading

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Make that two peas…

A very poignantly written perspective of life with ADHD, and so very relatable for me. Cheers to GingerSnaap. Also, I’m getting that t-shirt.

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Will all the grown-up ladies please stand up?

I’m officially a grown up lady y’all!! Because, as of today, I am the proud owner of a Roth IRA. With actual money in it. Plus I’m reading a book on investing, since I have 3 days to learn that, ya … Continue reading

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