Archived Confessions

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Dec 29, 2011

“Christmas-Day Christmas in Dentopia”

Dec 22, 2011

“When Your Trees Are Dirty Liars”

Dec 16, 2011

“How the Grinch Stole My Christmas Hat Happines”

Dec 8, 2011

“Heart Surgeries ‘n’ Stuff” 

Dec 1, 2011

“I’m an Aunt!!”(a.k.a: Thanksgiving Week: Omaha is full of nice people who don’t tell you that you’re the crazy lady in the airport…)

The New Family!! Lookit my nephew!!

Nov. 23, 2011

Synchronized Stockings: The Elephant Version


Nov. 17, 2011

The Stroke: Part III – Still in The Hospital

That’s what’s in my heart now!!

Nov 10, 2011

Products that I LOVE (and don’t leave me feeling like I’ve taken out another student loan)


Nov 7, 2011

Part Deux of Part II: I Totally Had a Stroke

Jelly started this injured-cat photo analogy for my stroke stories, it CRACKS ME UP =P

Nov 3, 2011

I Totally Had a Stroke, Part 2!!

Cat in a heart hole – too effin’ funny. I LOVE Jelly and her humors.

Oct 27, 2011

Things I Do That Make Me Look Neither Pretty, Nor Smart

Her bra looks much sturdier than mine did…

Oct 20, 2011

I Totally Had A Stroke!!: Part 1

Bahahahahaha!! This was the first stroke kitteh, hilarious!!

Oct 13, 2011

The Day I Put On My Man Pants

Jelly’s caption is just so awesome: ” ‘Scuse me hon, can you hand me the bolt-cutters and a glass of iced tea? You’re a peach.”

Oct 6, 2011

Why I am NOT Awesome at Dieting

How insane is this picture? Seriously!?! Hahahaha!!


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