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I have a very dear, lifelong friend who is just about the most fabulous, fashionable lady you would ever meet in your entire life. She wears gorgeous flowy garments, calls people “dahling”, has the most extensive large-sunglasses collection I’ve ever seen, and takes the cake with a gorgeous accent that throws every woman near her into a sort of gray-rainy-day light. I ADORE her, and she’s been a total grown-up-lady-icon my entire life as she is about 20 years my senior. I learned about stilletos, canapes, and which skirts “you just can’t wear undies with” from her. And, when I got old enough, we would sip wine together on her back patio and discuss “life darling”. Inevitably though, each time dinner would roll around, I would ask for milk with my meal and cast aside my wine glass. She would always laugh and say, “Oh darling, you are but a woman child yet”. I’m 32 this year, and that phrase STILL utterly describes me – I just thought all this grown up lady stuff was going to be so much easier.

Jamie loves being in her 30’s, and writing about herself in the third person. She believes life is pretty easy when you like almost everything. She is a born and raised Texan, hates the local weather, loves the local food, and thinks there should be more bike lanes in the Northern DFW area. Jamie treasures family, books, food, outside, and love. She also really likes to write, and her amazing cousin, Jelly, allows Miss Jamie’s musings to be slapped on her blog as well. If you want to read more stuff, check out Jamie’s weekly guest posts on “I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown” blog every Thursday under the title “Confessions from my Cousin”, or you can check out stuff she and her Benjamin like to say to each other here, at Ben&Jamie Conversations.


16 Responses to About Me

  1. LOVE the picture, dear. And I have flop tans on my feet, too.

    • JamieRene says:

      So happy someone else has the tan lines – they never go away completely, just fade slightly before coming back when I slide into my flip flops for spring =P I’m sure there’s some ladies that have wonderful Manolo Blahnik $400 tan lines from their gorgeous 3″ heels, and I’m sure that I would drool over their shoes, but I’m not that fancy, and $400 shoes don’t match my Pixies t-shirt ❤

  2. Because I like you and your blog, I have included you in my list of Versatile Blogging Award recipients. Please accept your award and all of the obvious accolades at:


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  4. abbieprescott says:

    I loved this About page! Life really is a quite easy if you like almost everything! Had a bit of a blog-stalk too, and am a new follower. (And.. living in Australia, it is also a requirement around summertime that you have a flip flop tan line on your feet… although, we don’t call them flip flops!) 🙂 AP

    • JamieRene says:

      Ooo!! What do you call them?? And what’s the top brand there? Here in the states we’re pretty big fans of Reefs =D
      Thanks for stalking my blog – I look forward to checking yours out as well =D

      • abbieprescott says:

        We call them.. er.. thongs! haha. Our top brand is probably Havaianas, although owning thongs is practically a requirement of our national identity so pretty much every brand has a range. I pretty much live in them really. Go flip flops!

  5. onceamonth4 says:

    Can I just say, read your Blog Title and said “YES! EXACTLY!!!”

    Knocked it right on the head… I thought it would be easier too. 🙂

  6. Le Clown says:

    Le Clown and you in the third person might just became best friends.
    Le Clown

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  8. El Guapo says:

    Long time no hear.
    Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the hell out of the season!

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