Spring 2013: The Season of the Brains

How is it that I’ve fallen into this routine of blogging, like, 3 days in a row, once a month?? Sigh. Just another sign that Spring is nigh I’m afraid.

Spring around here is when I wear earplugs to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears. Spring is when the fence business positively ‘splodes and my phone makes me feel like those old movie images of perfectly coiffed ladies at the Southwestern Bell switchboards.

Unlike these calm and utterly professional young women who have never had an eyelash out of place, however, I look more like PigPen trying to hang with the other Peanuts kids in some semblance of an efficient manner.

But, my infinite dust cloud is filled with puppies, shoelaces, notebooks, pens, laptop,  iPad, extra socks, my forever spilling cup of coffee that’s never quite warm enough,

Holding in of the brains...

Holding in of the brains…

headphones, invoices, order tickets, P.O.s, stray nickles/dimes/quarters that I unconciously throw in my pocket, and the incessant need to pee BECAUSE I AM NEVER OFF THE DAMN PHONE.

So. This year I’m rewarding myself for 2 solid years of hard work. This year I made friends with AT&T. This year I will not be alone. THIS YEAR I WILL HAVE GOOD HAIR AND HOT COFFEE.

Two of my contracted employees, at any given time that they’re working a shift – will have

Happy Jamie, owner of extra phones and amazing coffee.

Happy Jamie, owner of extra phones and amazing coffee.

one of the two (count ’em – two) extra phones bestowed upon me by my friends at AT&T. They will take any calls that I can’t get to. They will take calls from people who speak the fast Spanish that I don’t quite have the prowess to keep up with yet. And they will keep my brains from oozing out of my ears.

You guys, I’m finally going to get to go pee when I want to.

Here’s to Spring 2013!!


~ J ~


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One Response to Spring 2013: The Season of the Brains

  1. El Guapo says:

    I pee when I want to all the time. That’s why I have stock in Depends.
    Have a great Spring!

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