Pearls of Wisdom from Jamie & Delma: Willy Wonka was evidently a perv…

You guys know how I love my Delm-o. And how amazingly funny her texts are. In fact, here just

The succubus in the middle kicks some misbehavin’ fable ass with the help of her fae posse (well – fae posse plus two humans). And there’s lots of sex and side boob. Because SyFy Network Canada is more open-minded than our ol’ US-of-A SyFy. So go Canada!!

recently we spent 12ish hours losing our minds over a Lost Girl marathon and texting away with maximum snark. It was giggle town times ten.

You just can’t go wrong, or even go to sleep, when a succubus and her human side-kick are knocking seven shades of shit out of supernatural beings pre-dating the existence of humans (aka “Fae”). Especially when the leader of the dark fae is the bitchiest of all bitches and her shoes are AWESOME. And there’s swords and a hot wolf. Also, the greatest bartender in the history of ever who has a library in his basement. I’m just sayin’, you should probably watch it. Netflix is where this is happening – Season 3 just started.

Anyway, Delma recently enlightened me as to what Snozzberries were…as in “the snozzberries taste like snozzberries”

Well – you are just not gonna believe this shit…




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4 Responses to Pearls of Wisdom from Jamie & Delma: Willy Wonka was evidently a perv…

  1. What what WHAT. Condescend to THAT, Wonka.

  2. Dick flavored wallpaper. Can’t say I’ll put that on my wish list.

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