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Go home kitten, you are drunk.

Barley is tanked. After going to the vet to get spayed, Bar came home on a 48 hour pain relief shot. She also has a cone that she hates so much it makes her walk backwards. Nonetheless, I’m exploiting my kitten’s … Continue reading

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Budgeting Like a Boss: Aspirin Masks for a case of the Lovelies

So we just recently discussed my being poor and making stuff so I can still be a fancy lady in my post about the amazing Thyme Toner – well guess what my most favorite frankensteins!?! That toner has a compadre and … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Art: Study in Kitten Man-Eating Nap Technique

Barley kitten likes to chew on people to the point of exhaustion. I like to take pictures of my cats. Hence – A Study in Kitten Carnivorous Nappery. You’re welcome. Oh, and that’s my sweater-wrapped hand that she’s devouring… Adorable … Continue reading

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Budgeting Like A Boss: Epic Thyme Skin-Clearing Toner

I make a lot of my own stuff because I’m poor. Like laundry detergent, fabric softener, body wash, deodorant, conditioner, cough syrup, and brewin’ the amazingness that is Kombucha. But I recently stumbled upon (and slightly adapted) a recipe from … Continue reading

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Pearls of Wisdom from Jamie & Delma: Willy Wonka was evidently a perv…

You guys know how I love my Delm-o. And how amazingly funny her texts are. In fact, here just recently we spent 12ish hours losing our minds over a Lost Girl marathon and texting away with maximum snark. It was … Continue reading

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2013: The Year of Baby-Makin’

We’re going to see the baby doctor tomorrow now that it’s all safe for me, and I’m so happy that I just can’t even talk about it. I have to not think about it. It’s the year of baby-makin’ y’all!! … Continue reading

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