The Distraction is Revealed!! And it’s BEER. You’re shocked aren’t you?

Hello my lovelies!! I’ve missed you all so very much over the past week or so!! Thanks for all the likes and comments, I’ll be hitting you guys up and sending all my responses during our garage sale hours tomorrow.

And now for the big reveal!! Here’s what I’ve been working so distractedly on!!

The official webpage for The Beer Drinker’s Society!! Please check us out at ~ and you’ll even get to read some outstanding prose composed by my one and only Benjamin. We’re on Facebook too, so come hit that like button so we can feel your love radiating towards us from the ethers.

And just in case you’re not inclined, here’s our Abouts. I know you’ll find them irresistible. Because BEER.

“Beer is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy”

– That Guy That Ben Franklin Totally Ripped Off

We were hanging out talking about the Beer Drinker’s Society (there was a lot of hanging out and talking about Beer Drinker’s Society in the early days….evidently the first rule of Beer Drinkers is, in fact, talk about Beer Drinker’s Society.). Anyway, about 6…or 18…months in, somebody said we should probably write a mission statement. So here it is:

We like beer, so we drink it. We also eat food with beer. Plus, we talk about beer with our beer. We especially like spectacularly packaged beer.

We’re all about truly experiencing and appreciating that ONE beer, that LAST bomber on the shelf that you’ve been dying to try. Or that seasonal ale that you never saw coming, and can’t get enough of. That complete and total indulgence in the amazing combination of flavors that came together to produce that singularly outstanding brew.

And above all…or rather, second most…we like other people who like beer. (ie. You) We want to talk to you about beer, and share the Beerdom. Beer Appreciation? Beertopia? Masters of Beermanship? Beertarianism?

Beerducation for the masses, if you will.

If any of those words make any kind of sense to you, check out this wee bit of a web-based society, because we were clearly meant to be beer friends.

You’ll love it, if only because you don’t even have to wear shoes to the meetings. You can wear fuzzy purple faun pants, or goblin-made battle armor. We don’t judge.

See? You’re dying right now aren’t you?


~ J~


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2 Responses to The Distraction is Revealed!! And it’s BEER. You’re shocked aren’t you?

  1. You’re funny. Are you both behind the new FB page?

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