“I Could Never Get The Hang of Thursdays”: Weekly Damage Report

Thursday is my Monday. S–t ALWAYS goes down on Thursday. And this is one of the major reasons I love Douglas Adams – because he feels me on this one, and penned such a clever phrase!! So here’s the s–t that went down today, and this week, and the s–t that made up for that s–t. BA-DUM-PSHH!


  • Today marks the week 2 of 4 of The Rosea. And it’s re-attacking my neck. I scratch


    like a puppy with fleas.

  • Kitten battle scars have reached an all time maximum of 37. And she’s still teething. My hands look like I raked them across barb wire, and we pretty much all try to be incredibly quiet and still, lest we waken the beast. Even the dogs have begun to tip toe.
  • I somehow blew up the flip-top whistle thing on our tea pot. I have ZERO idea how this happened. I tried to pour water for tea, and the next thing I knew, black plastic whistle bits were ricocheting off the cabinets. WTF?

    Taming of the beast. Adorbs.

  • Caught a fever and was too pitiful to do what was sure to have been an epic Wednesday post.
  • Cut my finger on a robe. A ROBE.


  • Discovered the beast won’t attack feet that are covered in socks. WIN.
  • I didn’t injure the tea pot so badly that we have to spend money on a new one
  • Fever was gone in less than 24 hours and I still made it to work today!!
  • That bastard robe doesn’t live at our house, so I will likely never fall prey to it’s malicious intent again.
  • Also, these. More reasons why the people I love are the greatest people ON EARTH:

I owe my captivating personality to these folks alone. Aren’t you jealous?? We do accept new family members however, so feel free to submit an application. Must love dogs, beer, puns, cupcakes, and have an innate appreciation for the ridiculous.

Benjamin did all the chores while I had my fever and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW until I woke up this morning and the amazingness appeared to my wondering eyes. I told him he was my hero, and he dubbed himself “Sleepy Man” (because narcolepsy humor). Therefore, while I was on the phone with a vendor today, I sketched “Sleepy Man” as I see him. LOVE THAT BEARDED SUPERHERO .




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8 Responses to “I Could Never Get The Hang of Thursdays”: Weekly Damage Report

  1. Delma says:

    Dum-da-da-dum! Sleepy Man! Able to leap tall buildings on a single bound but may snore before he reaches the other side.

    • IThoughtThisWouldBeEasier says:

      HAAAAA!!! The only superhero with a parachute instead of a cape. Wait. Except for batman, that shark-jumping jerk.

  2. Patrick says:

    Watch out for robes. They’ll attempt to strangle you in the middle of the night.

  3. El Guapo says:

    Sounds like the Wins outweigh the Wrecks.
    Pretty sure the “love puns” requirement will keep the adoption applications down…

    Glad your feeling better, and hoping for a more detailed post on the robe shenanigans…

    • It’s always good when the wins…well…win (awkwaaard). And dude, puns are hilarious when appropriately applied in completely inappropriate situations 😉 Thanks for the well wishes, I will verbally bitch slap that robe so that you may have an operating knowledge of their specific dangers. I got yo back.

  4. 1) EB just had a rash but it was apparently from an upper respiratory infection. Weird.
    2) This list was going somewhere but I already forgot where it was. This must have something to do with reading your last post first and now I want ice cream.

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