And then we were all, “You talkin’ ta me??”

I am still insanely sleepy, so I’m begging off a “for real” post in favor of a few extra winks so I can put together something of substance mañana. However, since I’ve been so rude as to leave ya hangin’ for two days now, I offer this parting gift….

Our DeNiro faces. I KNOW. You are SO welcome.

Until tomorrow my loves, when I shall stun you speechless with dreamy prose from the depth of my soul. *snort* Yeah, right. The day I write dreamy prose is the day I stop saying amazeballs.


~ J ~


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4 Responses to And then we were all, “You talkin’ ta me??”

  1. moinla says:

    Yep, I butt-called you today. You two are lookin’ very…ummmm…Godfatherish. Is that a word? Love you both.

  2. Le Clown says:

    I mean this with a great deal of love: you two fuckers are magnificent.
    Le Clown

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