The Monday Montage is now a thing.

It’s Monday. I’m too tired to talk. Just like last Monday, when I utterly (joyfully) spoiled myself by writing non-sentences on pictures. We are now doing this every Monday. You’re welcome.

This is what Monday morning looks like when Delm-o is one of your besties. Also, if Monday brain = Oppositional Defiant Disorder, then I vote for play therapy.

And I am now obsessed with “Dog Shaming”. Click to laugh so hard you get a cramp in your shoulder and drool on your keyboard.

What’s not normal about that? If I’d brought my other purse, I could’ve fit a beer in there too.


I also have a new favorite dino. Don’t tell my Stegosaurus Bess, she’ll be heartbroken.

In an amazing feat of strength, I helped push this truck onto this trailer. It’s okay to weep in the presence of my sheer awesomeness. Despite it all, I shall remain the humble girl you always knew.

And in closing, yes, yes they are. How am I not friends with these guys??

Later Alligator ;-D


~ J~


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6 Responses to The Monday Montage is now a thing.

  1. El Guapo says:

    but I can’t help but think that finding, saving, linking and captioning all these isn’t more work than a usual post…

    And the two onion guys need better graphics on their helmets if they want to be real bosses.
    Just sayin…

    • I have to confess… I actually have a ridiculous habit of keeping screen shots of anything that makes me giggle.
      I have NO IDEA what practical purpose this serves….other than quickly throwing together a “cheater” post and slapping random thoughts on them. (in Borat voice ->) Great success!!
      And please, I beg of you, when you come across the “like a boss” helmets, I NEED PICS!! And they’ll probably end up in the montage, and I’ll tag them “El Guapo tracked these, LIKE A BOSS”. Thus, all will come to understand the circle of bossness, and we will henceforth be hailed as heroes.

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