Seven year old me is LOSING HER MIND right now

She has pixie/dragon pets. Awesome.

OH FREAKIN’ SWEET NOSTALGIA. Does anyone remember this? Because I know her. No for reals, my mom took me to meet her at the book store, and her hair was bitchin’, and I took my doll, and I got to use a key to unlock a treasure chest where I didn’t win a prize but I didn’t even care because she told me hi and we were BFF’s, even though I was 7 and she was a fully grown princess-from-a-distant-land. I’m not even joking. Please tell me someone remembers…anyone?? Bueller??


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15 Responses to Seven year old me is LOSING HER MIND right now

  1. Delma says:

    Dude! I totally had all the bath stuffs and when her head fell off I carried it around with me!

  2. Delma says:

    OMG! BEST slumber party ever would have the trifecta of awesome: Jem, Rainbow Brute and Lady Lovely Locks.

  3. 2five2life says:

    Hells yeah! And I had one of the dolls too! With the pink squirrels you clip in her hair!

  4. Steven W. Bentley says:

    Unfortunately, dear, I don’t remember this, but considering all of the absolutely bizarreworthless things floating around in my mind from my own childhood, I absolutely understand the nostalgia you feel for it.

  5. Steven W. Bentley says:

    In the name of childhood happiness, this was totally a Saturday morning favorite.

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