It’s almost Fall, so fluffy socks and fabric softener.

Because this makes me UNBELIEVABLY happy.

Yesterday the loveliest whisper of fall officially strolled into Dentopia, prompting me to leap out of bed and go bounding across our slightly chilly floors to throw open every window in the house. The constant trickle of rain, combined with the best smelling breeze EVER, resulted in Benjamin and myself piling up on the couch, in a completely silent house, with blankets and books and warm socks on our toes. It was AMAZEBALLS. Oh and from-scratch Chicken Pot Pie. That happened too….le sigh

At this point you’re probably thinking this day couldn’t possibly get any better…but oh yes it did!! My sis and bro-in-law had a highly-anticipated wedding to attend Saturday evening, which meant the greatest kid in the universe (my nephew. duh.) was arriving at three-ish and delighting the hell out of Ben and I until an unspecified time!! YAAAYYYY!!

Exhibit A: Most perfect human that has ever existed, and my best bud.

Thus, I decided it would be a great time to whip up a new batch of fabric softener, because  (a) I thought L.J. would get a kick out of me mixing the ingredients together, specifically

Here’s the stuff we used. And that dreamy soft-focus is courtesy of L.J.; he doctored the lens with a solid string of drool so y’all could enjoy some fancy special effects. Or he might’ve just been teething. One of those…

watching me squeeze out all that conditioner into the measuring cup (b) it’s one of the few products I’ve been making at home that has no powdered ingredients that could potentially irritate tiny noses (c) I was running low, so it was a great time to re-up and snag some pics for this post I promised after sharing the goods on laundry detergent!! I’m thinking Win-Win here, aren’t you?

Turns out, my nephew is a most excellent helper, and we had the fun of mixing three different kinds of conditioner together…which made one weird-ass color and a surprisingly delightful scent!!

So here’s phase two in knocking the snot out of your laundering costs!! Aren’t you just trembling with anticipation??

Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener


  • (2) cups of hair conditioner
    •  I’ve been using Suave ’cause: it’s cheap, has tons of scents to choose from, it’s really condition-y, and it’s cheap, and by cheap I mean CHEAP.
  • (3) cups of distilled white vinegar
    • Part of my cost savings is based on the fact that I buy my vinegar from a wholesale club, I get boxes containing two 1 gallon jugs for about $3.85ea. I use vinegar constantly around the house. It’s a really effective non-toxic cleaner!!
  • (6) cups water
  • Mixing utensil (I prefer a hand-mixer)
  • Big Pot

    Here’s the big pot, it’s about half the size of the one I have to use for the laundry detergent. So I’d estimate it at, maybe, stew-pot size? Large batch of rice pot size?

  • Empty Bottle (I used an old clean bleach container)


  1. Heat 6 cups of water in a pot, to almost boiling (when little bubbles form on the bottom of the pot)
  2. Add the conditioner, Add the vinegar, blend until smooth
  3. Let cool and pour into storage containers – I just kept my old fabric softener container and re-used it because it held about a gallon and a half of liquid
  4. Use the same amount you normally use in a rinse cycle (or spray onto a wash cloth and throw into the dryer). Again, I just use the measuring cup that came with the last container I purchased.

Blend it while it’s hot, the conditioner doesn’t suspend as well in cool water, and then you’ll forever have to be shaking your container before you do a load of clothes.

And that’s it. Other DIY’ers have said you may need to shake up the container of softener every once in awhile, but this is my second batch and I haven’t had to shake it once. And this go-round was awesome for using up the last of my stray conditioner bottles. And THEN, I saved the bottles and washed them out because they’ll be perfect for storing sauces, purees, and batters in the fridge – it’ll make it a whole lot easier to measure out just the portion I need!!

Oh, and I wanted to tell you guys, I also add a cup of vinegar to to each load of laundry after I dump my detergent in. You just throw it right in there with the clothes!! This helps keep the pit smells at bay on your favorite t-shirts. Ta-daaaa!!!

Now, for the interested parties, here’s your cost-savings breakdown…can I get a drumroll please??

Suave Conditioner 32oz – makes 1.41 batches – $1.04/per batch

My containers full of DIY washing stuffs, nestled comfortably above the washer and dryer, waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

White Vinegar 2 gal – makes 10.67 batches – $0.34/per batch

Cost per Load DIY Fabric Softener $0.01

Cost per Load Store-Bought Softener $0.07

Percent savings on your fabric softener? 507%

And how much do you save on a load of laundry overall, using homemade detergent, fabric softener, and a cup of vinegar to save your t-shirts? 308%

OVER THREE HUNDRED PERCENT!! I’ll sit on that for a rainy day. Fo sho.

Happy laundering my loves, and happy almost-fall!!




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5 Responses to It’s almost Fall, so fluffy socks and fabric softener.

  1. lgalaviz says:

    I never thought about making my own fabric softener. The vinegar doesn’t make it smell vinegary? I like the idea of customizing my scents via Suave.

    • It smells a little vinegary when you pour it in, but there’s no vinegary after-smell at all. Just freshness. And an over-abundance of fluffiness SO MUCH FLUFFINESS (sorry, I’m still in the throws of joy after having washed all the blankets in our house). Also, Suave is the scent-ninja-pirate-captain-of-awesome – I just sat in the floor at the store and sniffed all the bottles. I’m pretty sure passersby were whispering about whether they should call a manager…

  2. I like how your ad is for a fabric softener when you’re telling people how to make their own.

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