And now back to your regularly scheduled Jamie…

I changed ADD meds. Again. The past month’s been rather….bizarre.

Courtesy of The Bloggess’s pinterest page. Because she is the shit. And she GETS me.

The Intuniv, of Tutu/Cookie fame dropped my blood pressure way way wayyyyyy too low – to the point that walking and driving were becoming pretty scary activities for yours truly. In fact, my blood pressure was so low, that it was like being on another ADD bender – hence, totally NOT therapeutic.

So now we’ve dashed off to Strattera. Which makes me nauseous. For 4 hours at a time. But alas, we’re on to something here folks!! For the past month I’ve been doing all the things I should have been doing while I was dancing in the living room with my peanut butter cookies!!

Which brings me to this: I’m sorry for abandoning you my dearhearts. Tutu-Jamie left kind of a ginormous mess in her wake, and Grown-Up-Jamie’s just now on the verge of putting it all back together.

And here’s some stuff I wanted to tell you!!

  • At the behest of my cousin, I’ve been reading romance novels. Really ridiculous ones about swashbucklers, pirates, psychics, and ninjas. Yep, they’ve even got ones about ninjas!! (Oh!! And zombies!!) So. I have come to the conclusion that reading poorly-written raunchy soft porn is good for your general well-being and your sense of humor. No, seriously, one of the authors is named Nina Bangs. BANGS y’all. How could you not want to read that???

    I’m thinking like this. Only smaller. Because they haven’t had time to fully mutate yet.

  • Food is awesome. You know this and I know this. And cooking is my yoga, my happy place. So I’m starting my own foodie blog. It’s slow going, obvsly, but I’m totally gonna post the link once I have more than two posts up!!
  • We have West Nile Virus in Dentopia. WTF?? The city’s been spraying for ‘squitos at night. It all feels very sci-fi, and I’ve been checking the drainage ditches for mutated swamp monsters when I go jogging. I’ll keep you posted on this.
  • Anything, anything at all, said by an animal in Swedish Chef voice is HILARIOUS. Herdy gerdy gerd!!


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3 Responses to And now back to your regularly scheduled Jamie…

  1. Patrick says:

    Perfect timing on your return, Jamie. The world was getting a little too sane for comfort!

  2. I finished the last of my romance stash! We need to do a swap soon. Romances are so cheesy and delicious, aren’t they? Glad to have sent you down this road, dear!

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