Sharing my zombie movies means I love you. Der.

THIS IS ME AND BEN!! TODAY… AT ABOUT 5:15PM. I would be the one doing the chewing. He is FOREVER underestimating the amount of joy that can be taken from even a single zombie movie. Let alone a marathon of FOUR. Which was my suggestion. Which led to the need for a visual aid. Jeez. What’s a girl gotta do?

Also, WimbleDog and Izzy wrote a guest post for I Thought This Would Be Easier blog. They had a big week y’all. They’re editing their candid photos, and should have the post up…tomorrow. ish.

Spread the zombie love!!


~ J ~


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6 Responses to Sharing my zombie movies means I love you. Der.

  1. You know there have been several real life cases of zombies lately? The last one I heard was some dude munching on a homeless man’s face. I’m pretty sure he was on drugs. FOR REAL. Your day sounds much more lovely, although I’d be in the other room if you subjected me to zombie movies. I get scared. PS–we need to talk about Hubs coming up there in 2 weeks to work on your mom’s yard! I called you today but didn’t leave a message b/c my mom called right then. I just remembered doing this while typing you a long ass message. You’re welcome. xoxo!

    • YES!! I’ve already told Ben that I’m going to start preparing for the inevitable apocalypse. There’s actually a shotgun(?) rifle(?) that he found called a….wait for it….ZOMBIE KILLER. Want it!! Why don’t I already have this?? I read about face chewy guy, and I have to confess, despite my everlasting love of ridonkulously grodey zombie movies – that news story made my stomach flip. I’ve only read one article covering it, because I felt way barfy. They went into some serious details about what that guy was doing, and I couldn’t hang in the reality of it all. But I must, MUST know about the other zombie occurrences!! They’re supposedly linking them to this new drug called bath salts that evidently turn you into a crazed cannibal??? I don’t even. But – you know – no one ever specified precisely WHERE the zombie apocalypse was gonna come from. I supposed it could totally be some crazy shit some fiendish Drano pusher cooked up in his basement with a bunsen burner…
      And I saw you called!! Like an hour after you called!! Hooray for visiting!! I left you a long and (probably) incoherent message afters. The point of which was that you should totally call me tomorrow between 1:30-2:00, or Sunday around 4ish – or I could call you, which is probably strategically easier, depending on EBz schedule. I don’t know why my weekend is so weirdly full, but there you have it. Until laters then!! LOVE YOU!! XOXO

      • Patrick says:

        Actually, from what I heard the drugs really ARE bath salts. As in REAL bath salts. I have no idea how they prepared it, but I seriously doubt they used it as per the box instructions.

      • Hahahaha, not per box instructions at alL!! And Ew. Really?? Actual bath salts?? But aren’t they inhaling them?? So they have lavender scented psychosis??

  2. Patrick says:

    Un-Dead Sea Salts, maybe?Just kidding. Did a little more research on it, and it seems it’s a generic street name for the drug, and not the real product. So you can bathe in peace. 🙂

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