Soliloquy On Peanut Butter…Amongst Other Things

I just started buying this JIF natural, and HOLY CATS!! It’s so crazy good!!

There are few things on this earth that make me happier than chancing upon the EXACT flavor, or combination of flavors that I’m

Rao’s Arrabiata – I got turned onto this product by my my cousin Z.N.’s wife. This stuff is TO DIE FOR.

craving at any given moment. I love, love, LOVE food. There are so many wonderful, unexpected, comforting, and life-changing edibles on this great wide planet and I have always felt a strong urge to sample them all, and then dunk them successively in peanut butter. I also really love peanut butter.

One of the all-time greatest combos ever invented, as far as I’m concerned, is that of tomato, garlic, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. It’s bright, savory and summery. Just don’t dunk it in peanut butter, it’s not very good with peanut butter. On bread however? It’s effing magical.


And as I drove home from work this fine afternoon, the craving hit me – robust tomatoes, earthy bright basil, soulful garlic, and soft, rich fresh mozzarella. I had to have it. So I threw my bags on the floor as soon as I got home, and went to raid the fridge. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a mostly bare pantry and fridge that had, in fact, not been stocked during the night by the foodie fairies with just-baked loaves of crusty french bread, and heirloom tomatoes. What I did have however was this: half a jar of great Organic Arrabiata sauce, organic diced tomatoes, basil growing in my kitchen window, garlic cloves and sea salt.

Now, I made a pizza not too long ago and combined the exact same ingredients here. Not wanting to mess with a good thing, I

That’s my basil!! I can’t believe it’s still alive!! I don’t have the best track record with plants…

followed pretty much my same pattern, only I combined the following in a bowl:

1/2 c Arrabiata Sauce

1/2 c Diced Tomatoes

A generous handful fresh basil leaves, snipped

1 clove of garlic, crushed

1/4 tsp Sea Salt

1/8-1/4 c Diced Fresh Mozzrella

Viola!! Insta-lada Caprese!! (How hokey is that name?? I keep giggling every time I think of it). However it has none of the salad’s usual structure, and no oil. STILL MIGHTILY DELICIOUS. Needless to say, I consumed the entire bowlful immediately and it was exactly what I wanted. You are reading the musings of a very contended girl my friends.

What are your favorite foods?? Flavors?? Combos?? Please do tell, I will try them all. With and without peanut butter.

Classic caprese. Delectable.


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5 Responses to Soliloquy On Peanut Butter…Amongst Other Things

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  2. I always eat all of the cheese out of the caprese. I’m mean like that.

    • I am a huge fan of a disproportionately large cheese-to-everything-else ratio in my caprese. You would be in cheese thief heaven. We should make this happen!! There’s nothing wrong with caprese for breakfast right?? Cuz now I’m hungry…

  3. cottagerswife says:

    Sadly, JIF has disappeared from shelves in Canada and I am heartbroken. I am going to try your salad though!

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