I need your brains!! Your lovely, magnificent BRAINS!!

My life this past week and a half has been all fence and no play. We are slammed!! Which is great, but it leaves me gasping for breath, and very little time to hang out with y’all. So hi there, what’s new? How ya been? I’ve missed you!! BTW, when I do catch my breath, I’ve got a bajillion – or three – book reviews to slap on this bad boy for you guys. HUZZAH!!

And today my lovelies, I need your ever eloquent thoughts and opinions on a little pet project of mine!! I’ve been developing merch for the Fence Co. – here’s our very first t-shirt mock up. Sorry to have edited out so much of the personal info, but you get the gist of the design:



What do you think?? Likes?? Also:

  • Are you a t-shirt junkie?? Or are you more of a hat/keychain/bumper sticker person??
  • What do you think a reasonable cost is for t-shirts in bulk? (I’m pricing different companies, but don’t really have a baseline for “reasonable”)
  • How do you feel about words like “badass” on t-shirts? And not in the ridonk “Affliction” t-shirt sort of way…more of a Urban Cowboy meets The Matrix kind of way…
  • What colors do you find visually striking?
  • What would you add to “Fence Shirt M1”??

Thanks in advance for being the most kickass focus group of all time!!

Hearts ‘n’ Hugs!!



About TexasFenceSupply

Texas Fence Supply is a supplier located in North Dallas; contact us for information on our wood and chain link products, as well as our modular fence system.
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8 Responses to I need your brains!! Your lovely, magnificent BRAINS!!

  1. Krystal says:

    Okay, let’s see what I got here:
    1. I’m more of a t-shirt junkie than any of the other options, but stickers to decorate a water bottle are nice too. πŸ™‚
    2. I just had to get some shirts made for work and they worked out to be about $10 per shirt for an order of 25, with a small 2 colour logo on the front and a large 2 colour logo on the back. They were pretty basic cotton short sleeve crew necks. For ringers (which I think looks awesome) maybe a little more, but if you are sticking with one colour, maybe a little less. So…~$10/shirt? If you order way more shirts it gets cheaper too.
    3. I think bad-ass on a shirt is okay, but I’m young. My mom would think bad-ass on a shirt is definitely okay, but her favourite phrase is “bitchin” so take that with a grain of salt (okay, a lot of salt and a several margaritas). My grandma would not think it was okay, but she also probably does not own a single t-shirt that doesn’t consistent primarily of kittens and flowers. So, 2 out of 3 women of my families’ generations say go for it.
    4. I like blue. πŸ™‚
    5. It might not be worth trying to add, but if you have a memorable phone number or website or something, maybe consider throwing that on there. If it’s not an easy to remember thing, and folks are gonna have to google you anyway, then don’t worry about. Other than that I think it looks pretty bad-ass, I like the ringer tee look, the font is cool and all that good stuff.

    P.S. – I like that your site keeps correcting my spelling to the British spelling of things. And also that a single margarita is not allowed by your dictionary, it must be plural. πŸ˜‰

    • JamieRene says:

      Krystal!! I love you!! And your mom is AWESOME!! Thank you thank you thank you for the help!! I am making a blue t-shirt just for you ❀ Possibly with kittens and flowers, if I can work them into the fence motif =P

  2. Patrick says:

    1) t-shirts, please. They’re universal. The other promo items are really dependent on taste. After all, how many keychains can a person actually use?

    2) Krystal’s figure of $10 per shirt for 25 sounds pretty reasonable

    3) Depends on the company image you want to project. If you want to be serious and professional-like, stay away from “badass”. If you want to be irreverent and “hip” (I hate that word), go ahead. But I’d prefer to wear a shirt that has a clever design play on the “fence” concept than a shirt that just says “badass fence co”

    4) White is always a fave. You could also try to go for brown and orange?

    5) Nothing, actually. Looks good!

    • JamieRene says:

      Patrick, you’re awesome. I took your advice to heart and kept the t-shirts clean, and just made a “badass fence shit” bumper sticker. I’ve found myself a bit disenchanted with the white t-shirt designs I’ve come up with, but definitely brown and orange!! One of my favorite combos!! I’ll keep ya in the loop on the design front, thanks for the advice!! =D

  3. Anna F. says:

    “Good Fences make good neighbors.” -Robert Frost

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