We like to pretend we live in Dwell Magazine

Benjamin and I love interior design magazines. And by love, I mean we LURVE them. Whilst simultaneously acknowledging that we paid way too much for a magazine full of crap we can’t afford based on homes in cities where the “flea market” finds are leaps and bounds above the tidbits you find at your average Dentonian garage sale. Sigh. We buy them by the armful anyway. We can’t stop ourselves.

They do, occasionally, lead to grand ideas though. In all honesty, they generally lead to ideas for which we buy one component of the completed project – and leave it in the shed until we forget what it was for and throw it away. Occasionally though – occasionally – we end up doing something awesome that perfectly suits our lil’ post-world-war-two Sears&Roebuck house with the crazy low ceilings.

And on this occasion we got our hearts set on a coffee table set on casters. We got the idea by combo-ing some shit we saw in Dwell and the IKEA catalog, and it’s been over a year in the making.

Benji and I shop based on the same underlying principle, which is, “When it’s the right thing you’ll know it like you know when someone’s just smacked you in the knee with a cast-iron skillet”

Which is totally what happened to both of us when we happened upon the pirate door. No shit y’all. We found a hunk of door


that looks like it was straight up ripped off a pirate ship. It is tha BOMB. And it was totally $20 at Habitat for Under-funded Humans (aka Bart’s Barn in Denton).

It’s approximately 2 feet by 2.5 feet and is made of some honkin’ 3×6 planks strapped together with more 3×6 crossboards and pirate-sized carriage bolts. It’s rough, and a little crooked, and has paint flecks on it, and it thunked it’s way right into mine and Benji’s hearts and we lugged that bad boy home knowing we had found our coffee table.

Ages upon ages ago Benjamin had bought casters on eBay for our future birth-of-a-coffee table, and he dug them out from under the veritable army of tools in his car to put our creation together on Saturday.

I was a little anxious that it would be too tall once the casters were on, because my deepest wish was to be able to roll it under the coffee table. Our living room is BEYOND TEENSY so we fully need versatile floor space. Wheels are part one of the answer – sliding your coffee table under the established seating is part two. AND WE DID IT!! YAAAYYY!!

Lucy sez, "Itz ARRRight Mom, deez piratz give us wun cool table!!"

Because the piratey side is lumpy, we had to put that side down – but knowing it’s thaaarrrr is enough. Har-dee-har, see what I did there? ThaARRR??? YES. YES I DID.

But here’s the finished product!! For the bargain price of $31.60:

Pirate Door $20.00

Casters $10.00

Lag Screws $1.60

Knocking the $480 Dwell table flat on it’s overpriced ass? Priceless.

The table of my dreams. For realz.


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7 Responses to We like to pretend we live in Dwell Magazine

  1. moinla says:

    Very cool!!

  2. Patrick says:

    You know what would make that even more awesome? A pair of shiny (and full) beer steins!

  3. gardengrl36 says:

    I love it! Such a great idea! Most of the things that I start I never finish. Great job with this. It looks awesome!

  4. EB is going to LOVE going for a ride on that!

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