Running with Jazz Hands, Amongst Other Things

I got busy y’all. Really ridonkulously busy. Building fences and being a grown-up can get a wee smidge on the crazy side during the otherwise mild months of March-July. BUT!! I’ve been photo documenting all, so the stories are there!! It’ll just take me a bit to get ’em out there to ya. Like gardening, and making a coffee table, and smashing my toe, and ADD medicine updates, and allergy testing that tries to kills me, and Wimbledog going to the vet and giving her the stink-eye, and BBQs with fam and friends…it’s like 94 photos I’m not even kidding.

I did run today though – still working toward my 5K finish line- and I had a SPECTACULAR accidental playlist. So I’m sharing. For the betterment of man kind. And joy spreading. And sort of as an apology. I’m also sending you a hug. And a cookie. Mwah! Oh, and just click on the album cover to have a little listen, okay?

The Kinks "Apeman"

Skinny Puppy "Worlock"

Broken Bells "Vaporize"

Foster The People "Houdini"

Ween "Mutilated Lips"



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10 Responses to Running with Jazz Hands, Amongst Other Things

  1. Patrick says:

    I like macadamia nut cookies. With white chocolate.

  2. coppercurls says:

    I love Foster the People! ❤ You'll find that accidental playlists are the best x

  3. gardengrl36 says:

    Nice job running! I actually just did my first race last weekend. It was so fun!
    Allergy testing that tried to kill you? Sounds like a good story. 😉

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