Craigslist: Forts for Sale

L.J.'s new fort!!

Sooooo, I finally scored the fort (aka Pack’n’Play) I wanted for nephew L.J. today!! I’ve been searching and searching, and many met my price range – but the vibes were all wrong. Well. Last night I saw a post (sans photos. I KNOW!! Usually a deal breaker) and emailed the poster person to request pics. She responded to me around lunchtime today, and lo and behold – it was the EXACT color scheme I wanted. I ALMOST PEED. And it was the exact price I was hoping for too. AND she was home today AND lives right down the street AND said I could come right over. WHAT?? It was totally meant to be.

So I moseyed right on over, and she was totally the nicest person ever. Her son is 8 months old and such a cutie. Their little family just moved up from San Antonio for university/education related purposes and they know approximately zero people in Dentonia. She was psyched to meet someone who likes to be around kiddos (I explained the pack’n’play was for L.J.) and to find out that L.J.’s posse likes to go do stuff around Denton all the time. So I made a new friend too!!

Anyway, I got the pack’n’play home and wiped everything down with a solution of water/vinegar/mild detergent – because out of the 400 parts on the damn thing, TWO are machine washable. LAME y’all. What is up with that? I did machine wash those two machine washable ones by the way.

It’s adorable. Completely adorable. I have to let it dry overnight before I can fully deck it out with fun stuff, but of course I decked it, took pics, and undecked for the sake of awesomeness. Benjamin and I can’t wait to babysit. We are SO prepared.

You can't see it in the pics, but it comes with the changing table and a side pocket for diapers and diaper ointment. Cutes.

Oh…and here’s a lil’ sneak peak y’all – my new bloggy friend The Thirty Year Old Me is doing a guest post tomorrow!! She and I became bloggy friends after cracking each other up, and discovering a mutual hatred of pants. You’re gonna love her. Go check out her blog, then come check out her post tomorrow!!

Sweet dreams!!



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4 Responses to Craigslist: Forts for Sale

  1. kristencm says:

    Yay! L.J. is going to love his fort!

  2. Missah MY says:

    It looks exactly like mine (or my baby’s;) ) at home! Love it!

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