Until tomorrow then, I leave you with this…

Ninjamin and I are having a dinner party this evening, and due to non-stop insanity at work today (you’d think it was Thursday or something), I have not been able to spin my usual loving prose for you this evening my dearest friends. So, I promise to send you warm fuzzies tomorrow ❤ Kick back, have a beer, hug somebody you love, and discuss this:

Please y'all, someone comment and tell me how this moment in time could have occurred? How it ended up on film?? And most of all - why wasn't I invited because O.M.F.G. I think I would have collapsed. Epic giggle fit.

No, you need to go back and look again. I guarantee you missed something. Oh!! And my apologies to whoever originally cast this gem into the ethers, it was sent to me in an email from a friend without a link. So please to forgive for my not giving oodles of credit where credit is due.

Happiest of Fridays!!



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2 Responses to Until tomorrow then, I leave you with this…

  1. Patrick says:

    Methinks there was vodka in the casserole. 3 bottles’ worth.

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