“I Could Never Get The Hang of Thursdays”: Weekly pros and cons

Thursday is my Monday. Shit ALWAYS goes down on Thursday. And this is one of the major reasons I love Douglas Adams – because he feels me on this one, and penned such a clever phrase!! So here’s the shit that went down today, and the shit that made up for that shit. BA-DUM-PSHH!


  • I haven’t slept more than 4 hours each of the past 2 nights. Stationary objects are starting to look blurry.

    "Cons" face is saying, "No. A whole lotta NO."

  • I forgot to set the coffee pot last night, and had to reheat day-old coffee this morning so I wouldn’t fall asleep on the kitchen floor. It tasted like dirt and nail polish remover.
  • I accidentally ate a bug today. And I don’t even know what kind it was. AAAGH.
  • My only clean bra was the old skanky one with the shot elastic.
  • My only clean pants were corduroys. It’s Spring y’all…in Texas.
  • I fell off the porch.
  • I forgot to pay the mortgage.
  • I was late for work because my lawn guy showed up as I was leaving.
  • I was late for the doctor because a customer showed up as I was leaving.
  • The doctor sent me home with homework related to a pamphlet entitled “A.D.H.D. Appropriate Organizational Strategies”. Here is an example of the list’s contents: Keep all dishes in the kitchen. Listen bitches!! If I wanted all the dishes in the kitchen, that’s where they’d be!! I LIKE triangulating them amongst the kitchen, hall closet, and laundry room thankyouverymuch!!
  • I’m getting put back on A.D.D. medicine. Historically this has not gone well.


  • I got to see my nephew this morning, and he smiled at me, and reached for me, and almost laughed at me (he can’t really laugh yet) but I got a big smile and an “ACK!”

    "Pros" face is saying, "I'm finding a yay pairs nicely with a YAAAYY!!"

  • I had to dodge an open truck door in a parking lot this morning, and it turned out it’s owner is an old friend of Benjamin’s dad from when they both used to work the racing circuits – oddly enough, they’re both still hot rodding cars!! We’re BBQing in April when Ben’s dad comes up to stay, and we get to hear all the old war stories from the racing days!!
  • AND this gentleman’s neighbor has a farm that provides grass-fed beef, free range chicken, and free range eggs to local residents!! So my CSA is complete!! I’ve got a farm for veggies and another one for protein!! WOOT!!
  • I kinda got offered a job as the head of the purchasing department for a big time steel company. Not interested, but still. Ego boost.
  • I made Noa Gavin laugh!!
  • I crossed 3 whole things off my to-do list today
  • I got to talk to 3 out of 4 BFF’s before lunchtime
  • I get to see a BFF Friday, go to the symphony with Benji/Grandma/David Saturday, and hang with my sister Sunday – all this was decided upon today, so it was totally like presents.
  • I stood up for myself in a situation that was adversely affecting my financial well-being. And I won!!
  • I’m getting put back on A.D.D. medicine. If this is the one that works?? It’s gonna be AMAZEBALLS. Perhaps I will finally conquer Thursdays???


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9 Responses to “I Could Never Get The Hang of Thursdays”: Weekly pros and cons

  1. Rainy days and Thursdays always get you down…

  2. keep all dishes in the kitchen? did you go see the dr. specifically for the ADD or did he take a look at your ticker and decide you weren’t paying enough attention?

    • JamieRene says:

      BAHAHAHAHA!! Actually, the ticker doctor didn’t, but my neurologist totally commented on my not paying attention LoL. Nah, I actually voluntarily went to the ADD doctor. There’s a story about this – because I accidentally was disruptive to the office staff. Twice. But not in a tacky, snarky way. I just sort of frustrated the hell out of everyone. I’m thinking when I’ve got a couple days of medicine in me or something I should post about it. I’m super nervous about taking it. I really really want it to work – but my past experiences with ADD meds were pretty horrifying. And I think I’m going to scan and e-mail you my organizational skills list – it is RIDONK =P

  3. mymissah says:

    But hey! There are six Non-Thursdays to ONE Thursday in a week!
    Keep conquering 🙂

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