Tough Mudder: Who’s comin’ with me??

I accidentally happened upon this new love of my life, and was so smitten, that this IS today’s post y’all!! Click the picture and check out this site – weave your way through it for a few minutes, I’m not even close to kidding. I’m doin’ this  – 2013 y’all. For reals.

So per my Facebook view of the universe, I’ve seen there’s a few peeps I know training for this Tough Mudder business. Because I am a GINORMOUS fan of anything that promotes playing in the mud – I decided to check it out. And may I just say this is my new goal – and favorite thing. A 10 mile obstacle course set up by British Special Forces? Where you pledge to help those in need – throughout the course – no matter what? Where camaraderie is more important than your finish time? Where they meet you with a beer and a live band at the end?? FOR CHARITY?? Hells to the fuckin’ yeah!! Sign me up!! I need a team, and I’m all about costumes, so who’s comin’ with me!?! OR who wants to interactive bloggy train with me?? Either is aces!! 



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13 Responses to Tough Mudder: Who’s comin’ with me??

  1. Patrick says:

    It’d be awesome if they played a soundtrack while the whole event was going on. “Eye of the Tiger” anyone?

    • JamieRene says:

      I have ALWAYS wanted just ONE DAY in my life that gets a soundtrack, just one and I could die happy. And AS SOON as I hit a flight of stairs, I better hear Eye of the Tiger the whole way – I don’t care if it’s the steps to my front porch (of which there are 4, so I’d have to run up and down them about 100 times)- I want some Tiger!! And btw, Ben and I were totally singing that in the car on the way to Home Depot Saturday =P

  2. gardengrl36 says:

    I knew someone that did this! They said it was so hard! I think that they had to run through fire and all sorts of crazy things! It looks so fun through! I am not sure if I would survive it! haha!

    • JamieRene says:

      Yeah, when I was looking at the media I saw a couple fire pics, and one where they climbed over cars post-zombie-apocalypse style – LOVED IT!! =D And you could totally survive – cuz that’s part of the pledge – there’s people to help you the whole way, no one gets left behind. That being said, I’m still going to train for a year LoL

  3. Registered forum first tough mudder in October in Jersey. 🙂

    • JamieRene says:

      Oh sweet cheeses!! You are now my personal hero and I worship you =D I’m totally headed over to your blog now to see if you’ve posted anything about your training LoL

  4. losingmonica says:

    just saw the dates for SoCal — i wish i would have known sooner to plan out my $$ better. lol but i signed up to be notified for 2013!!! this is going to be EPIC! i’ve done a mud run before but after looking at the obstacles- oh man! i really need to train!

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