Freshly (Im)pressed.

What am I doing here? There I am, right there!! Just hangin' out in the bottom left corner... FREAKIN' AMAZEBALLS.

Wow. My mind is completely blown.

Lets just say that at 11:30 this morning I was sitting in the doctor’s office alternately brooding over the lack of response to my “Herbosity” post, and internally accepting that gardening isn’t really a “grab you by the seat of your pants and make you want to read more” sort of subject =P

So when I got home, and logged on to WordPress, and saw that I suddenly had 336 hits – rather than 20 – well, I thought I had somehow accidentally logged into someone else’s account. And the hits kept climbing, and I had more comments than I could catch up with. So it took me an HOUR of blissful disbelief before I realized I was getting an astronomical number of hits from people going to the “Freshly Pressed” page. So I went. And there was my little blog post. HOLY CATS.

Today vs all other days in March. Today literally flattened the rest of March. Y'all did that. Way to kick some serious data-related ass my friends.

You guys are amazing. Your comments have made me laugh, and think, and want to read on and on with the Hunger Games series. Before today my little blog was just so…well…little. I think, at midnight, I’ll turn back into a pumpkin – but today will be forever AWESOME.

So really, I just want to say thanks. I still have no idea how I ended up on Freshly Pressed. But you guys are the ones that decided to come read my post, and because of you, this little blog has had it’s highest number of hits ever. Seriously, EVER. So, ya know, ginormous thanks. Y’all kind of made me feel super amazing. I hope some day I can return the favor.

Your Bloggy Friend,


Lucy says, "Yeah, and I laid on that laptop when Mom wasn't tapping notes back at you guys - so thanks for keeping my tummy warm. Please mail me some treats. I live in the house with the two huge dogs - you can't miss them. Actually, send treats in a large box, and I will mail you a dog. Lucy out."


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8 Responses to Freshly (Im)pressed.

  1. Congrats, dear! And you apparently sent people my way, too! Lots of confessions posts read – well, the dieting one in particular – and 87 people clicking over from your page! So thanks! It was my biggest day ever, too! Not as big as yours, by any means, but fun to get the hits. I need to do my weekly catch up, so I’m about to add to your mondo comment list, k? xoxo

    • JamieRene says:

      Thanks and YAY!!! I saw a bunch of outgoing clicks to your page so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would bring some happy numbers your way =D So exciting!! LoL, oh the dieting post =P You know, the pop up cards post you wrote is still a major favorite?? I get at least 1 hit a day on it =D Can’t wait for the weekly bebe update!! XOXO

  2. gardengrl36 says:

    Congrats!! This is how I found you! I am glad I did because your blog is awesome! I just switched over to a new blog and I think that I have 2 readers. Maybe 3. Haha! I will be sure to be back to read more!
    By the way, I loved your Hunger Games post!

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  4. aaminaamjad says:

    Hey there congrats,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    hopefully i will get some hits on my blog as well 😦
    but really happy fo you ❤
    Stay bless
    Ur Blog Friend Amna

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