Hunger Games. Yeah. That’s what I did tonight. Benjamin got us tickets to the 6:15 show at the Denton Movie Tavern. The line was crazy. We got there at 5:45 and stood around examining the beers on tap at the bar until they let us sit down at 6:00. We were lucky to have friends that had gone up there straight from work and thus were the first people in line – so ya know – our seats kicked ass. Side bar: Kids, you don’t necessarily want to be friends with the “cool” people, make friends with the determined people. It opens up a whole new world. Especially if you have A.D.D. and have never made it to a movie, on time, in your ENTIRE life.

OMG doesn't Elizabeth Banks just look SO bitchy? She did such a good job!! And Katniss is just the shit. Like I even had to tell you that.

Anyway. AMAZEBALLS. GLORIOUS. EDGE OF MY SEAT. LOVED IT!! That’s all I’m saying tonight. I’ll do a review tomorrow sans any spoiler alerts. I’m sorry to delay, but I am super exhausted.

I know, I know. You’re saying I’m evil and must be destroyed. But really, if I tried to write about it in this state I wouldn’t do it justice. I promise to share tomorrow =)

Hugs and please to forgive,



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5 Responses to OoOooOOOoooOoo!! HUNGER GAMES!!

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  2. Elizabeth Banks was my FAVORITE! She alone makes this film worth watching!

  3. The Hook says:

    Elizabeth Banks was unrecognizable in this flick – but maybe that’s a good thing! She was great!


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