I’ve got trucks on the brain.

I drive a 1997 Honda Accord. I run a fence business.

There are some inherent problems with this.

Mine looks just like this, except it's a different color.

  1. Just about everything at my shop is longer than my car
  2. You can haul approximately 1 bag of brackets and a bucket of stain in my car.
  3. My tires would be annihilated by most of the stuff you’d find in our parking lot at any given moment
  4. It has no towing capacity. None.
  5. Going to suppliers and parking amidst the contractors is just embarrasing. You can’t even see my car between all those work trucks. It’s emasculating.
  6. I feel a deep affinity for work trucks. My grandad drove one. My daddy drives one. My first car was a truck. I love them. I give them names. I think they’re adorable in sort of a “my first bulldozer” sort of way.

LOVING the big ass 70's stripe. It makes me wish the truck had velour interior. For reals.

So the time has come y’all. I need a real work truck. And yesterday, while doing the weekly grocery shopping, I locked eyes on my new baby. I had no earthly idea what year/engine/stuff it was – I don’t pay attention to such things (although I am learning because Benjamin knows all of those such things, and he’s a very good teacher). Nope, my decision was instantaneous, certain, and perfect. My friends, I am going to buy an early to mid 1990’s Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel V8 4×4 Extended Cab. I know!! It’s a mouthful, but it’s awesome. And I have chanced upon the perfect one!! It has red interior

just like my grandad’s truck did. It’s also got a maroon stripe, which I would normally be most unthrilled about because me and maroon are not friends unless I am spying it through the glass of a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. However, I love the mondo 70’s look of it. I feel like we’re definitely compadres.

I see me in this. Most definitely.

Probably I won’t get this one. Buying a truck is a ways off. But it’s fun to dream about. And it’s thrilling to have made a decision. And I love that I’m gonna love my truck. It will certainly have personality – and duh, fuzzy dice over the mirror.

I think I shall name her Bess. That is, if she has a maroon stripe. It seems apropos.

Just in case this gal IS in my future, well...what's that next door to the dealership? Does that sign say Mexican food? Well y'all, I will be dining on some delicious noms while staring out the window at my new beauty. YAY.


About TexasFenceSupply

Texas Fence Supply is a supplier located in North Dallas; contact us for information on our wood and chain link products, as well as our modular fence system.
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5 Responses to I’ve got trucks on the brain.

  1. Red says:

    I would be lost without my truck.

    • JamieRene says:

      I miss my old truck almost daily. It’s like getting having a ginormous rolling suitcase…that you can carry two bicycles and a pallet of concrete in =P Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Red says:

        I hear that! I went from an ancient Suburban (Yes, Jimmy Hoffa was between the second and third seats.) to a Cavalier. Ugh. Back in a Silverado and determined never to have anything smaller as the only choice. The Rams we have are great, but I will always be a Chevy girl 😉

  2. You are going to die when you see your cousin’s new truck. DIE, I tell you.

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