Craigslist is like crack…

It's no laughing matter friends. The CList insomnia/crash is real. It's out there. Protect your children!!

It’s March and the entire city of Dentopia and surrounding areas are peddling their used wares on Craigslist…and I find it irresistible, I can smell the deals and steals in the air like a coming rainstorm. IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

In the past two days alone, I’ve bought 3 items, and have a fourth pending. My first venture was yesterday. As you all know by now, the cutest, coolest, smartest kid in the universe happened to break into this world as my nephew, and he is now 3 months old. Which means he is rockin’ and rollin’ on the “doing stuff” front. He can roll over, push buttons, kick buttons, hold his head up, smile, coo, make eye contact, recognize pictures of his momma, get snacks from boob or bottle, grab things, and support his own weight standing if you manage the whole “balance” side of things for him. This is the greatest stuff ever, and Benjamin and I can’t wait for L.J. to play at our house. We’ve got a room set aside for a nursery anyway, that also can’t actually be used as a nursery for a year or more, and we’ve got tons of kiddos in our lives (y’all already know EeBz, she gets to camp in the kid room more than anyone, she’s like the VIP), so we decided why not go ahead and make a full-blown kid room and convert it to a nursery later? That way our little cousins, nephews, nieces, and friend-kiddos can camp, play, or just refrain from utter boredom at our house. (Secretly Benjamin and I agreed that we can go in there and play with all the toys too – because you’re never too old for Legos. You’re just not.) So, venture numero uno was to meet up with the absolute nicest lady who basically emptied her garage into my car for $30. MY WHOLE CAR WAS FULL. FRONT SEAT TO TRUNK. There’s so much of it, Ben and I are donating some to my sister’s preschool for her kiddos there, because we just can’t fit it all in the kid room. I am chomping at the bit for the kids to see all this stuff!! They’re gonna flip!!

This is but a minor smattering of the mother load we struck upon!! HELLS TO THE YEAH!!

Venture parte deux was over to UNT today to purchase a microwave for $20 from a young freshman lady who had recently acquired a roommate and didn’t need all her kitcheny stuff anymore. I mentioned to

Not possessed. Exactly what I was looking for.

Benjamin that my brain told me she had to be at least 18, but she looked like she was about 12- is it me being in my 30’s that makes all these younguns look so teensy? Why are they all so baby-faced? I didn’t look like that did I? So strange.

Anyhoot, I was super stoked about this microwave. It’s for my office at the shop because (A) most days I really don’t have time to walk 30′ across the parking lot to use the other one, something always happens and then I don’t get to eat (B) the guys use the one in the other warehouse and it’s gross and I refuse to clean it because it’s not my mess (C) the other one has recently acquired a poltergeist and will start microwaving unprovoked then refuse to open it’s door. Thus – I began the search for a clean microwave sans demons. And I found one for the bargain price of $20!! And she cleaned it first!! Because that’s how us ladies roll. SO HAPPY!!

Then, this evening as I was perusing the 9 pages of posts for March 6th – I ran across a pressure washer!! I’ve been wanting to get one for the shop, because like I said, stuff gets gross there – and it’s not just evil microwaves. This one was listed for 30% off the retail price and was very gently used, so I was super intrigued. Naturally, I texted Daddy because we gotsta make all these business decisions together, but he was super busy and said Benjamin’s opinion on the state of this machine was good enough for him. So I dragged Benjamin all the way across town at 7:00pm to look at a pressure washer at a stranger’s house. Using his extensive expertise, Benjamin pronounced it purchase-worthy and we loaded it into the backseat of my car!! (This turned out to be a terrible plan because it was gasoline-smell city the whole way home, but alas, there was a microwave in my trunk).

My first pressure washer. Look out world!! (Seriously, I can be hazardous, just ask Benji)

Tomorrow’s adventure begins with an antique camel-back wooden ship trunk, and it’s huge!! A real-life full-size steam ship one. Which I have ALWAYS wanted!! It’s on my list of “grown-up lady things to have by the time I’m 40” and blammo!! March 2012 is my year y’all!!

Eet eez so purrfect!! Makes me wish I had cocktail dresses and stoles to put in it - but it'll probably hold blankets. Or extra dishes. Or Nintendo games. Because I'm actually not that lady-like.

We’re only six days into March and I’ve been driven into a frenzy by all the fabulous stuff out there. I may have to commission Benjamin to keep an eye on me, lest I come home with that chainsaw he says I absolutely am not allowed to have. Or a Bobcat. I’m not allowed to have that either. Sheesh.


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5 Responses to Craigslist is like crack…

  1. You bought toys, a microwave, and a pressure washer?? And are about to buy a trunk? You ADD’d Craigslist even. Congrats. And EB is gonna FREAK about all the toys in her VIP zone.

    • JamieRene says:

      Oh sweet cheeses. You’re right!! I have ADD’d the shit out of CList!! LMAOOOOO!! Wow. You know, I started watching a documentary on ADD this past Saturday, and I still haven’t finished it?? Yeah. I keep getting distracted. It’s a one hour program. *Sigh*
      I am so super excited for EeBz to see the craziness of the kid room!! And it’s graduated ages, so there’s stuff for her to discover right up to the age of 4!! My favorite thing though, that totally made me think of her, is a toddler bowling set. WHAT WHAT!! It’s gonna get crazy ’round here ❤

  2. The Hook says:

    I love this title! And that first pic? Priceless!

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