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Until tomorrow then, I leave you with this…

Ninjamin and I are having a dinner party this evening, and due to non-stop insanity at work today (you’d think it was Thursday or something), I have not been able to spin my usual loving prose for you this evening … Continue reading

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“I Could Never Get The Hang of Thursdays”: Weekly pros and cons

Thursday is my Monday. Shit ALWAYS goes down on Thursday. And this is one of the major reasons I love Douglas Adams – because he feels me on this one, and penned such a clever phrase!! So here’s the shit … Continue reading

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Tough Mudder: Who’s comin’ with me??

I accidentally happened upon this new love of my life, and was so smitten, that this IS today’s post y’all!! Click the picture and check out this site – weave your way through it for a few minutes, I’m not … Continue reading

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Things I Do That Make Me Look Neither Pretty Nor Smart: Epic Falls

Yeah. That says epic FALLS. Not epic FAILS. But this is really both… I am not graceful. I cannot make it through a day with out tripping over, or running into, an inanimate object. My legs are never tanned and … Continue reading

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Freshly (Im)pressed.

Wow. My mind is completely blown. Lets just say that at 11:30 this morning I was sitting in the doctor’s office alternately brooding over the lack of response to my “Herbosity” post, and internally accepting that gardening isn’t really a … Continue reading

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Herbosity: Gardening, Green Thumbs, and So Forth

I love, love gardening. Growing things. Watching them change, hiding away during the winter, then fighting their way back up through the earth every spring. Except I’m not really that great at it, and I’m terrible at remembering to water … Continue reading

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Hunger Games: The Full Review

Right, so I told you guys last night that Hunger Games was AWESOME, but that I was too tired to carry on. Well the time has officially come where you can stop being mad at me, ’cause I’m about to … Continue reading

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