Yeah. I’m lookin’ craptastic.

My dental appointment has evidently gone horrifically wrong. I have been bleeding for 8 hours now. It’s taken the Benjamin and both our mommies to help me through this mess I’ve become. I’m so sorry you guys – I was gonna post this afternoon when I got home, but alas, I feel like I got in a bar fight. And attacked by a shark. We should be on more even ground tomorrow. Benji’s got me all fixed up with mashed taters and soups and pudding so I don’t jack up my face even further AND tomorrow’s Switcheroo Day!! So even if I write incoherent garbage, you’ll get to read something super snazzy from Jell Jell!!

Send me some “poor babies” wontcha?? I’m needin’ some love y’all 😦


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4 Responses to Yeah. I’m lookin’ craptastic.

  1. I went thru this myself. Feel better!

  2. oh honey. and i don’t have anything for you b/c EB is feeling craptastic, too. the surgery coincided with some virus, so she’s getting poor babies from me, too. next week! I’ve got something good in the works, too. feel better, dear!

  3. i am so so so so so sorry you feel that way, darlin! 😦 I don’t like that you feel so terribly! I loveeee you!!! And i’m on my way to Tejas to scalp that dentist fool now.

  4. Michelle says:

    Poor thing that’s awful! I hope you feel better soon! You’ve been through enough.

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