Everyone has Butt Katanas: A Review of RoboGeisha

All things AWESOME.

I don’t even…wah…was that an armpit sword fatality?? This may be the best worst movie EVER.

May I just say that up until now, my all time favorite movie death scene was from Planet Terror when they use the helicopter blade to chop the heads off of, like, 980 zombies simultaneously. AMAZEBALLS. But now…NOW…there is EVERY SINGLE SCENE IN ROBOGEISHA TRUMPING THE SHIT OUT OF ALL DEATH SCENES EVER.

This movie is ridonk y’all. The first scene, THE VERY FIRST SCENE, a robot geisha splits in half releasing two other dominatrix geishas in tengu masks (yeah…so the guy that did this movie sorta had a career in porn before starting to make campy 70’s-esque revenge movies). The level of sheer inappropriateness of everything in this film is LEGENDARY. I LOVE IT!!

It’s a classic tale of sibling rivalry and revenge, blended with corporate-espionage slash murder. Oh and demented geisha robots. HELLS TO THE YEAH.

Methods of death?? Oh so creative – You have no idea. Here’s what I’ve seen so far…

Death by:

  1. Butt Katana
  2. Armpit Swords
  3. Boob Gatling Gun
  4. Bobby Sock Ankle Blade
  5. Tempura Shrimp
  6. Acidic Breast Milk (I just…there are no words…)
  7. Shinto Shrine Turned Mega-Fucking-Evil Voltron
  8. Jaw-Blade
  9. Top-Knot Laser
  10. Thong Throwing Stars (This t-back is deadly yo)

The level of WTF in this movie is off the charts. It’s campy, it’s ridiculous, it’s disgusting, and it’s HILARIOUS. Seriously – gather everyone you know, all your friends, drink 2.5 beers each, then turn this shit on. Laugh RIOT. It’s on Instant Netflix, you have no reason to miss. You know what? Scratch that. Watch it NOW.

And – we are so watching this on my birthday this year.

Japan? I love you.

Your friend,



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4 Responses to Everyone has Butt Katanas: A Review of RoboGeisha

  1. JamieRene says:

    YES!!! The last time I laughed this hard was Pootie Tang!! I am totally in lurve with RoboGeisha!! (Ben hates it by the way. He said he’s revoking my movie choosing privileges. He obviously doesn’t recognize cinematic genius when he sees it.)

  2. I saw the trailer…WTF! “This may be the best worst movie EVER” ?

    I would say one of the worst films ever!

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