Random Memories: No one makes me laugh like my sister…

I was perusing my Facebook pics from days of yore, and ran across this gem from 2007…

My sister was trying on her wedding dress at the bridal shop, and we had found the bridesmaid dress that day...we wanted to see how it would all look with flowers. BAZINGA!! This floral floor arrangement was just what we needed!! ...btw's that sample dress fit me PERFECTLY, so of course they ordered the next size up =P My sister was drop-dead gorgeous from start to finish though!!


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5 Responses to Random Memories: No one makes me laugh like my sister…

  1. moinla says:

    I have seen this first-hand…you guys just dissolve in laughter…sisters are the best.

  2. Moinla and I are both jealous because we both have at least one brother.

    • moinla says:

      That we do, but even though we had no conventional sisters, you had girl cousins that you grew up with and I had to wait until I was 21 before I got my very own sister, (for 40 years now) my Darlin’. Hey, it may sound a little strange for those not in the know, but she is my one and only. 😉 Love you Ney.

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