The Great Switcheroo: Pep Talks for Preggs, Strokes/Heart Recovery & Normies

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Good Afternoon dearies!! It’s Switcheroo Day!! Which is now Friday, because Jell Jell has baby brain, and preggo blergs, and trying to cram her weekly pregnancy update AND the switcheroo into Thursdays was just not working. Her brain staged a coup. Yo entiendo Jells, mine did too. And may I just say this is the most heartwarming post?? Jell’s guest post this week was inspired by the guest post I did for ISWTG blog about my battle with brownies, Kate Beckinsale, and being still. So, she gave me my very own pep talk in detail. Which makes me love her even more (if that’s even possible) because there’s a hell of a lot of hardship you can get through just by knowing you’re not alone. And not ridiculous. And that there’s someone you can call at 11pm crying who will convince you that you’re actually quite normal. Jelly’s that kinda gal – and I ADORE her. My notes are in safety orange y’all.

I’ve written my first hollaback to Jamie’s guest post today, because I was inspired to give her a pep talk (read: didn’t have any material yet).  She wrote something for my blog today about the frustration of trying to be healthy but not being able to be healthy enough to do the healthy things to get even healthier.  It’s a balance, you see, of finding what we are able to do in the time and space we have to eat, move, and express ourselves. If I ever write an autobiography – you are totally in charge of my cliff notes – also, I’m adopting you as my personal motivational speaker. You’ll be like a pregnant Tony Robbins – except cuter, smarter and way cooler. 

I am also eating healthy, but with the opposite agenda.  I’m trying to put on weight.  Well, trying isn’t the right word.  I know that it’s going to happen, so I’m making decisions about the kind of weight that I’m going to put on.  If I eat all 6 boxes of girl scout cookies I accidentally bought from the neighbor’s grandkid (I always accidentally buy stuff) , I’m going to want to sleep and barf and then I’ll get a cookie gut that won’t go away.  But if I eat three breakfasts, including eggs, a bagel and cream cheese, and a bowl of cereal (what?  it was spread out over a couple of hours…), then I feel pretty good about where the food is going.  To my fetus.  But you see, it’s not even a question to me; I have to eat right or else I’ll crash because the baby will take what it needs regardless of if I readily give it to it.  It’s easy to eat healthy when it’s A) not only about me and B) immediately affects my well being.

Sidenote: 4 short weeks ago, those cookies wouldn’t still be in my cabinet.  They’d be in my food baby belly.  I’ve come so far! Power to the preggo!! Well done!!

I’m 8 weeks pregnant now.  When I first found out, when Hubs and I were staying with Jamie and Ben for the week (greatest moment EVER), I quit drinking beer and coffee.  The booze was obvious, although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a handful of glasses of wine/beer over the course of the pregnancy.  I just can’t do it in the first trimester because my body is screaming very loudly “Noooo!” to these sorts of things.  But coffee.  Oh, delicious coffee.  How I miss you.  I drank one cup a day, every day of my adult life.  I even drank coffee with some frequency while preggo with EB.  And 8 oz a day is actually fine during pregnancy as well (thank cheeses!!).  But I stopped drinking it this go-round once I got that BFP (Big Fat Positive to you people outside of the charting/temping world) because I knew I was slightly addicted to caffeine, and coffee makes you dehydrated.  Which is not good for preggs.  You need to up the water intake now, not challenge it.  I will say that I’ve had all of two cups since kicking the habit and both times made me spend all day close to a potty.  It was rough.

I’ve realized that once you cut out the processed foods and sugar intake, the slightest thing can taste sweet.  A bagel can seem like a treat, and there are ways of fooling yourself that you’re eating chocolate.  Behold:

Chocolate Crunch tea from The Steeping Room in Austin. MMmmmmmmm.

I made myself some tea this morning because I was craving the coffee I was smelling so bad, like those damn commercials that are making me cry these days.  And I think I made the right choice.  Because this thing is delicious.  It’s a loose leaf tea with chocolate and coconut.  Like drinking a macaroon, when you add a dash of milk and honey.  It’s mostly aroma, and I won’t get a case of the poops from drinking it.  Or a caffeine headache.  Not too shabby, if you ask me. Not too shabby?!?! IT’S GENIUS!!

So what I’m saying in my hollaback to Jamie’s post is this:  It is hard, it sure is.  But trick your mind back to your natural resting state of ecstatically positive because that’s just as healthy for you as eating a salad, I’m pretty certain.  And there are some natural delights to be found that are a fine substitution for the things that hurt your belly, heart, and brain holes.  Yoga, for instance, will keep you toned without raising your heart rate.  Why didn’t I think of this before?!  It’s the perfect exercise for you!  I actually don’t like getting sweaty and moving a bunch.  But I love doing stretches and challenging myself in poses, which are immediately recognizable improvements to my flexibility.  I notice better posture, fewer nerve pinches in my back, and a higher energy level.  And best of all, it can be the perfect challenge for you to sit still, and be perfectly calm while sitting there.  Because it’s part of the exercise.  Mind blown? MIND BLOWN. And also, I love you. For reals. I love that you just made me trying to be still an exercise challenge, you are so smart!! 

Do you guys have any suggestions for healthy treats and low-impact exercising?  For the pregs and heart/stroke recovering, or the normie that wants to do right by their body?


Jell Jell


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9 Responses to The Great Switcheroo: Pep Talks for Preggs, Strokes/Heart Recovery & Normies

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  2. See? I knew you’d come back around. You can help but be a positive ray of sunshine, bursting at the seems with love and support. Hearts, dear! Hearts to you and your heart!

  3. Darlin' says:

    You guys are so cute!!! and funny!!! I love you both

  4. Until the day I die I will swear on any stack of holy books you like that yoga was the #1 thing that made me feel better after my heart surgery, and yoga made my last pregnancy soooo easy – no backaches, no thigh/crotch aches (what the hell is that about, anyway?), I slept better – the whole deal. Unfortunatly I can’t say it helped me lose any lbs, but I was doing the easiest, lowest impact version. It did do worlds for my flexibility, digestion, tone, and inner ohmmmmm.

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