So tomorrow’s a new day right? A different day? Promise?

Aaargh. I feel muy terriblé.

Jamie's Brain. Star date 02072012. The actual hole from my stroke would be in the "sex" area. Which I think is HILARIOUS.

I went for my follow up MRI’s today. Of my brains. To make sure the old brain hole is aging properly, and that there’s no new brain holes. And my body staged a coup while I was there. And I may have sold a fence. *Sigh*

Mommeez had to come over to provide transport because my escape pod was at the mechanic’s. Miss Essy (her name shortened from EscPod, which was stolen from a personalized license plate I saw once, and was thus deemed the ultimate shit) was born in 1997 and just rolled over to 175000 miles, so she needed some booster shots if ya know what I mean. I love my car, fo sho. I’m gonna cry when she retires. She’s just a little ’97 Honda Accord with a few bumps ‘n’ bruises, but she’s got a sweet V6 engine and I know how to drive the shit out of this car – I’m so not kidding. I just choose to drive safely most days….most days Benjamin!!

Anyhoot – that’s why Mommy beamed me over to Denton Presby for my brain scans. I was already pretty sleepy from self-induced insomnia as a result of my recent addiction to The United States of Tara. (Thanks sis) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show though!! Toni Colette has Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. And a husband. And two teenage kids. So when something triggers her, her family occasionally comes home to (a) her 16 year old rebel personality named “T” (b) her biker beer-chugging heart-of-gold skirt-chasing personality “Buck” – who watches porn with her hubs btw (c) her cake-baking pre-feminine-mystique Donna Reed personality (d) a couple of her other personalities, that I won’t get into here. The show is brilliant, and hilarious, and dysfunctional in the best way possible. Any the family’s just trying to make it though the crazy. In the middle of suburbia. And in case that wasn’t enough? Eddie Izzard cameo’s in Season 3. LOVE.

Right. So I was sleepy. And brain addled. Oh yeah!! And my veins wouldn’t accept the IV. This happens a lot. They’re persnickety and mean in a bitchy-high-school way that is totally not part of my personality. I have no idea where they get it from. And they outdid themselves today, because the tech said something happened that

Taco Bueno raps make brain pictures that look like this y'all

he’d never seen before. Blood would come out of the IV, but they couldn’t get any fluids to go in. It’s just how I roll friends.

So while they were jackin’ with my bitchy veins, we talked fence. He’s looking a cedar 1×6’s, which should be super pretty. Then I bent my arm and jacked up my

barely-functioning IV so after that it was kind of a crap-shoot. They just taped it down in the hopes that it would work later, and sent me into the magneto-tube. And the only reason I know they had different settings for the imaging this time around is that the whirs and clunks (which are INSANELY loud btw) didn’t match my original rap of “Burrito Burrito Burrito Chips n Salsa Chips n Salsa Chips n Salsa” from my ER admission oh so few months ago.

I did exit the tube craving Bueno though. And I had made a new friend – my MRI helper lady was a hoot!! And then I got a headache from the contrast junk they put in to look at my brain hole. And it’s persisted all day. Plus achy-ness and general yuck-feeling from insomnia. And Ben’s dog (from when he was a teenager) has cancer, and a friend of ours went to the hospital today, and state arrived at Ben’s work for the annual inspection. PFFFFFFT!!

So we shared a beer and made cheeseburgers. Because really what else can you do at this point? Now if the cats and pups round here would get the memo and chill the eff out, things would start looking up. Maybe they want to watch Iron Man?? Meh.

There’s always tomorrow my friends. Mwah!!

Tomorrow WILL be better. Right guys??


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4 Responses to So tomorrow’s a new day right? A different day? Promise?

  1. nenskei says:

    Ahaha… funny how that cute cat capture my attention.. don’t worry lil kit cat .. yeah..tomorrow’s a new day..promiseeee 🙂 😛

  2. Waitwaitwait. How did I have the best day ever – and write about it – and you had the worst day ever…on the same day?? Maybe I used up all the good juju and there wasn’t enough for you? I’m sorry. Or maybe you weren’t using yours so you sent it my way? That sounds better. Sorries, dollface.

    • JamieRene says:

      I’m more than happy to give you all the good juju – yay for a happy baby belly!! I’m glad you had such an awesome day, you were totally due for one ❤ Today's been better, although I haven't accomplished much =P Hoping things'll really pick up tomorrow and I can feel all warm-fuzzy again xoxo

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