The Great Switcheroo: My brain’s playing tricks on me…

It’s time for the switcheroo!! What are you guys talking about?? Today is TOTALLY Thursday. So Jells is preggs, in case you missed it, and I am STOKED to have a pregnancy-related post to share with y’all. I have major baby envy, and I love love love hearing all the stuff about what it’s like to be a pregnant lady. So as far as I’m concerned? This is the most awesome sauce guest post OF ALL TIME. And I sent her one too – so check it out here if you’re down with amazingness, and real butter, and Dominique Moceanu – or if you’re totally not cool with Miss Moceanu – it could go either way.  So get to reading my loves!! My notes are violently orange ❤

EB's hungry, too. Maybe she can make the grocery list for me because I can't even remember why we're here.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant (Eeeeee!!) and have noticed some interesting changes in my body…and brain.  I will eat a small child’s meal right in front of them, I sleep more deeply, I can’t remember…stuff, and I am tripping over everything.  The obvious ones are becoming hungry and tired, and I expected those symptoms right away. So no big, I can handle that.  But baby brain.  And my balance.  I don’t know what’s happening to me. (Oooo!! You are so totally ADD!! Welcome to the darkside. We have cookies, we just don’t know where they are. And the balance thing is part of the ADD, it has to be, because I am the poster-child for accident-proneness)
I have a lot going on right now.  I’m now working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, somewhat remotely, so I get to work from home most days.  And I’m pretty good about actually working and not mopping the floor and getting distracted by chores/errands/whatnot.  And then there’s the first child, EB, who needs my attention on Tuesday and Thursday, and in the afternoons.  My days are full.  So here’s the part that I cannot figure out: extra time.  To do things like…I don’t know, file an application for Medicaid so I can get this pregnancy covered.  It’s a lot to fill out!  And pay attention to!  And gather paperwork for!  Not impossible, just pretty hard, when I have to make a list (on paper) so I don’t forget things like feeding the dogs.  My mind is a complete blank these days.  So filling out a big application blows my mind.
About the balance thing…I’m not so great at it in the the first place.  My grasp of keeping upright is moderate at best.  Some days I feel pretty quick and agile, where I catch myself from falling, instead of actually falling.  I know, that’s not the same thing as just walking in a straight line.  These days I’m tripping over chords (cords >> blame baby brain), stepping on things and slipping, and going nuts from any kind of disarray that might or might not impede or harm my body.  I literally flipped out over how our bedroom is set up because it’s hard to squeeze by the side to make the bed or actually get in it.  (My side of the bed is this way too, and I regularly become enraged and football-player shove it so that Ben’s side of the bed is touching the dresser and you could ride a bicycle down my side. I like it better that way.) I have to do a cartwheel to get to anything under the bed.  So my nesting instinct popped up real quick and made me rearrange the living room.
I told you, baby brain.  I was going to fix the bedroom situation so that I don’t trip, but I start moving couches and coffee tables around instead.  At least the living room looks better.  Or different.  I’m not sure which right now.  (WANT. PICS.) I like moving rooms around so it feels different.  (Yo tambien) This is the longest we’ve had the previous arrangement – for 3 years – and the only reason it stayed that long was because our tiny house has prevented many other furniture arrangements.  I slept really well that night because I was so worn out by moving things.
Next up to rearrange slash nest is the bedroom, for real.  It’s in this funky arrangement right now because I forced it into something different than it had been before.  But now that it’s old and stale and making me crazy, Hubs’ side is going against the wall again and my side is going to be closer to the bathroom.  Because (do I have to say it?) preggos pee every 15 minutes.  And that’s the truth. (I love how non-pregnant you is all creative, and outside the box, and making square pegs fit in round holes, and pregnant you is all “the bed’s too hard to make and I can’t get to the bathroom fast enough” – pregnancy pragmatism is ADORABLE)
I’m pretty sure there was more I was going to talk about besides balance and forgetting stuff, but…I forget stuff.  And the forgetting was actually an asset in my last pregnancy.  I literally could not think of one thing to stress about.  I just couldn’t keep up with it all!  So I focused on my excitement about my growing belly and picturing what my small child would look like once on the outside.  Which was next to impossible.  Because I was picturing a toddler.  Newborns are pretty small. I’m hoping that this go-round will be equally stress-free and full of swollen bliss.  I turned in that MEdicaid application today.  Be proud of me, Intertron.  You should be very proud.
Preggo Mama Jells
THE PROUDEST!! And no stressors!! Enjoy the bliss!! Plus, in a couple months we’ll tome vacaciones, and come visit you guys and I will totally help you with lists and chores and having a brain. It’ll be way bitchin’ ❤ Mwah!! 

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  3. You might have to blame regular brain about the chords/cords situation. There’s really no “h” in it? Damn auto-correct. NOT auto-correcting.

    And can I say that I appreciate your observation about my problem-solving becoming more pragmatic? Mostly because you call me adorable. xoxo!!

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