Maladroit Monday Music Mix

Monday always bites you in the ass. It does. It’s sad, and Monday probably wouldn’t have had such a tough break if it didn’t earn the slot right after Sunday, but there you have it ~ Monday, we are not your friend ~ So to make Mondays a little perkier – I’m making it the official playlist day. Because Mondays need a little joy, and I need to contain my playlist trigger-happiness. Like always, just click on the album pics to listen – and relax yo back. It’s all over at midnight my friends. xoxo

"Kill of The Night" ~ Gin Wigmore

"Ghost Inside" ~ Broken Bells

"Grown So Ugly" ~ The Black Keys

"Feel Good Inc." ~ Gorillaz (BTW, one of the best videos EVER.)

"Addicted to Love" ~ Florence and the Machine


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4 Responses to Maladroit Monday Music Mix

  1. manifestoshewrote says:

    Holla at some Black Keys (top 10 fav bands, for sure) and Gorillaz. YAYUH.

    • JamieRene says:

      When I’m walking and I listen to Black Keys I feel like a really sexy badass. In sweatpants. It totally makes my day. I mean, how often do your sweat pants make you feel sexy???

  2. I heart broken bells and florence and the machine. So much!

    • JamieRene says:

      Oh no kidding, just so AMAZING. Florence is coming to Dallas in May, and I’m trying to convince Benjamin we can spare $168 to go see her =P I must dance and wave my arms in a flowy dress with face paint. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN.

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