Photo Challenge: Day 22 ~ Your Shoes

Oh!! You want to talk about shoes!?!?! HUZZAH!! I heart them, at one time I had 83 pairs (I’ve downsized a lot now that I share my closet with a boy and hardly ever go to the bar or conference rooms anymore), I love InStyle magazine because they tell you right at the front how many pairs of shoes are in each issue, I frequently buy shoes then buy the outfits to match later, and I love LOVE finding retro/vintage styles that I know have seen a bajillion dance floors. And I firmly believe you should make your feet happy, because they take you everywhere you go xoxo

Day 22: Your Shoes

Just my favorites, Left to Right: Red patent leather slut shoes (LOVE) - ORIGINAL Candies bought in '97 and yes I still wear them (that's why the label is worn off the heel) - Some awesome 80' heels of my mom's, she's so fashionable. Just lovely. - The chocolate satin heels I wore to my sis's wedding, sometimes I just put these on to feel prettier - My pink ankle strappy heels, my go-to "Look hot even when you're not" shoes - And last but not least, my summer slides, these go with EVERYTHING I own. Bask in their glory friends, they've gotten me through days that otherwise would have been FRUMPtastic. Hearts shoes, hearts.


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2 Responses to Photo Challenge: Day 22 ~ Your Shoes

  1. manifestoshewrote says:

    LOVE EM. Man, those red pumps, holy cow. I have many fond memories of those summer slides.

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