Photo Challenge: I’ve been sitting on a photo cache again…sorries =P

Kayso, I’ve done it again. I missed days 16-21 of publishing. However – I was still at 50% because I actually took the photos!! So here we are, and I promise I’m going to try to publish on the right day from now on. Thank cheeses I’m not getting a paycheck for this, I’d be way fired by now…

Day 16: Morning (how can a morning get any better than this?)

Day 17: Water (the most beautiful water, in fact the most beautiful anything, I've ever seen - Monaco - I almost didn't come home)

Day 18: Something You Bought (my new purse!! From "Scrap" in Denton - made from a repurposed t-shirt!! Only $2!! What?? I know. You're so jealous.)

Day 19: Sweet (it cannot possibly get any sweeter than a smiling LJE)

Day 20: Someone You Love (I'm cheating, of course, with the use of Someone(s) - meet Momma, Daddy, and Grandma y'all. As far as love goes, there are no words - it's just too big)

Day 21: Reflection (caught myself looking at myself in the window - and I say to myself, "Nice scarf lady! Let's go find a convertible and a coastline highway!!")


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8 Responses to Photo Challenge: I’ve been sitting on a photo cache again…sorries =P

  1. manifestoshewrote says:

    I am in love with that water.

    AND WTF! $2! In NY, they charge out the wazzzzooooooo for anything amazing and recycled like that. I AM SO JEALOUS. I WANT A CUTE RE-PURPOSED T SHIRT PURSE.

    Your parents and grammie make me smile so much. They are amazing people. 🙂


    … and it’s okay that they’re not all on the correct day. It creates a mini feed for me of what your life has been in the recent days. ❤

    Skype date tomorrow evening, please!!!?

    • JamieRene says:

      A. Water, gorgeous, I know ❤
      B. I will get you one fo sho – and mails xoxo
      C. Totally!!
      D. Aww thanx, I thought it was a little silly, but now I feel special
      E. Huzzah for life feeds!!
      F. Crap, now it's 9pm and I'm sleeps!! What are your plans for tomorrow?? I will be textin' you for confirmation!!

  2. mummasays says:

    I love the reflection photo and it’s description 🙂

  3. moinla says:

    Love 16, well…

    Love 19, well…

    Love 20, well…

    Love 21, well…this is my beautiful, wonderful family.

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