The Great Switcheroo!!: Traveling Potty Training Party

It’s Switcheroo Day!! Because we remembered it’s Thursday!! HUZZAH!! Jells and the rest of the clan went home Tuesday, and I miss them already!! Thank baby cheeses we’ve got this internet jazz to make it seem like they’re not so far away!! This’ll be the first post where I get to put notes in a different color, because I’m smart enough to figure out how to do that after only 2 months of blogging *sheesh* – so they’re in orange y’all. And hey – in case you missed it!! Jell-Jell is preggo with kid numero dos =D Mondo congrats to her, and thanks for sending her uterus all those happy thoughts, I know it helped!! Also, slide on over to ISWTG blog to read my guest post today – you don’t want to miss it. Especially if you’re a fan of tea. Or aliens. Or Reese’s Pieces. Or jugs. 

Snacks totally help you pee. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

My daughter Eebs had been potty training since Christmas vacay when she was home from day care and I had some extra hands on deck (thanks mom aka granny!)  And if we are traveling, it’s imperative to bring that potty so we don’t lose any headway.  That being said, everyone that has visited Jamie and Ben’s casa has seen a pantsless EB and  heard her chorus of “pee pee in the potty!!” (Don’t forget “bye-bye pee pee”. And you have to scream it. That’s what makes it awesome sauce.) It’s kind of amazing that even though we’re in a different environment, she’s still rocking the training.  She has only had 1 1/2 accidents in 4 days.  I know, she’s pretty special.

Pantsless Eebs. With alien head. It's the only way to fly.

The first accident was when EB was running to the potty and didn’t make it in time, sitting down mid-stream.  But she still knew that she was supposed to pee there, even if she didn’t quite make it.  Smarts, she is.  That was the half accident.  The whole accident was when Jamie’s sister, KE and her hubs BE came over with their baby so we could finally meet the little cutie.  How did 6 weeks pass since already??  Her birth stories are here and here.

EB was so funny about seeing a real-live-tiny BEBE.  She was so excited and yelled “BEBE!!” to everyone that would listen.  She

Jells with human taco. Sans shell. Surprisingly - he was conked out!! Future Yogi I think.

sat with me and we smelled him while KE held him.  Then I got my turn hold him and EB.  FREAKED.  OUT.  Pantsless, she ran into her temporary room and peed on the floor while looking at me.  She was saying, “Get up, mama, and wipe this mess up.  You’re going to need to put that human taco down while you’re at it.” (She’s efficient that one, she totally knew exactly what would get you to ditch the taco kid. Toddlin’ genius yo.)

But don’t worry folks, I explained to EB that we were not, in fact, taking LE home.  I was just holding him and saying, “Hi.”  She laid down on the couch next to me, got under a blanket with some milk, and proceeded to laugh and kick me in the side while kind-of-sort-of-aiming for LE if he happened to get in the way of her foot.  But at least she was in a better mood, not peeing in the no-zone, and was letting me hold him with a smile on her face.  Progress.  The rest of the night with this side of the family was spent telling stories and eating delicious food, as per usual. (I never thought the family parties could get any better, until we had family parties with babies. HEAVEN.)

Today is effing cold out of nowhere so I’m not doing the pant-free-party because I don’t want her freeze her tush off.  We haven’t had as many declarations of “bye bye pee pee!!” because she’s not in the habit of pulling things down yet.  If you have any suggestions on how to move from the concept of using the potty to removing clothing right before, holla in the comments.

I’m a proud mother who writes about her child’s pee,


The family. When everyone wears their pants. HEARTS!!


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4 Responses to The Great Switcheroo!!: Traveling Potty Training Party

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  2. It was good practice holding that BEBE! Thanks for the crop on that pic BTdubs 😉

  3. Oh, and way to go figuring out the colors! I didn’t have time to write my own mini-comments today b/c I was working while blogging and trying to be a good girl.

    • JamieRene says:

      My cropping skills are world-famous yo, I don’t just do that for anybody =P And yes! Colors! Thanks for the instruction btw ❤ Commentlessness understood and utterly forgiven – you're a busy lady, ya know, making a human heart and everything – that's exhausting!!

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