There’s a whole CAR in the meat market!!

So a couple of weeks ago, Benjamin’s momma, L.W., called me approximately 5 times in a row – and I missed it because my phone was in the bedroom. With the door closed. Set to vibrate. When I saw all the missed calls, I of course panicked, and called her back…

Mom/L.W.: “Hello?”

Me: “Holy crap! I’m so sorry I missed your calls!! Are you okay??”

Mom/L.W.: “Oh yeah. No. I mean. I’m fine. I was calling to check on you guys because I heard all of these sirens and I didn’t know if you were on the road but you didn’t answer so I followed the sirens and you know the meat market across from the grocery store by the smoke shop?

Me: “Yeaaaahhhh…”

Mom/L.W.: There’s a CAR that is INSIDE of it. INSIDE. Like actually IN THERE. DROVE INTO THE SHOP. CRASH.


Mom/L.W.: “I know!! There’s cops everywhere!! And cars!! It’s crazy!!”

So I of course immediately run to the living room to dish the juicy news to Benjamin, who is like, “What!?! Right now? This is happening right now?” And I’m all, “Yeah, wanna go see?” and he’s totally like, “Hell yeah! Get in the car” and I grab my camera because of course I’m going to take pictures of the awesomeness. Because nothing like this ever happens in Dentopia. EVER.

Benji drives and we cruise on down to the Kroger and hang a right to head up past the head shop and meat market. And. There. It. Is. A big ol’ SUV with it’s ass end just hangin’ out of that market. Shattered glass EVERYWHERE. And hunks of glass hanging down from the cross bar that sits below where the address was displayed. People are just standing shaking their heads, and you can see where the shelves inside were struck by the vehicle so everything is sort of pushed to a diagonal, making a big “V” of shelving right in the middle of the carnage. It’s INCREDIBLE. And thank baby cheeses no one was hurt, there wasn’t even an ambulance on sight, and everyone was ambulating freely. I was too busy staring gape-mouthed, and climbing all over the front seat, pointing and going “Ooo!! Ooo!! Look!!” to get my pictures, so Benjamin kindly circles the block and comes up so that the shop will be on the passenger side of the car, thus enabling the best shot possible for me. As we were circling the block, I took a few shots to get my timing right because my crapfest camera has major shutter lag. We turn the corner, and start heading toward the bashed-in tienda. Benjamin slows. I aim. The shop comes into sight. I press the shutter release. And capture a PERFECT picture of….


SHEESH. Well…that’s how I roll. “Room for Improvement” for life y’all!! Mwah!! XOXO


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9 Responses to There’s a whole CAR in the meat market!!

  1. If this dude wants to sell that Jeep, you would have the best photo 🙂

  2. Darlin' says:

    AWWWWW MAN!!! and I thought I would get to see the “carnage”!!!!
    Nice Jeep tho!!!

  3. kewsmith says:

    Sounds like my camera but the jeep picture is really nice!

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