Photo Challenge: Days 12, 13 & 14 (honkin’ oops friends)

I fell behind. I know it. BUT! I have been taking the pictures, I just haven’t had an opportunity to post them. We’re having a quiet moment right now, so I’m all yours!! Day 12 was a close-up and I even went sans-makeup/hair for y’all. It’s as close as you can get. Please excuse the weird cockatoo thing my hair does around my face. Day 13 was meant to be something in my bag. Well, I have a backpack that weighs about 26lbs that I take EVERYWHERE. Ben doesn’t even go near it – it frightens him. So my pick will be the can’t-live-without items from within. It’ll be like a way-less-classy version of the Style & Beauty spread in Cosmo -it’s like Cosmo for non-twenty-somethings-who-own-fence-companies. Now, doesn’t that make you feel pretty? Day 14 is “Something You’re Reading”. No problemo peeps. You could not possibly have given me a better topic. So here goes it!!

Day 12: Close Up

Please excuse my sideways glance. Despite my bravado, it's scary baring your naked face to the world. I must look away.

 Day 13: In Your Bag

Clockwise from left: Burts lotion and chapstick, antibac hand wipes, bank bag, yellow to do fold-a-file, 25' tape measurer, 3-ring binder of work docs, X-small gloves for freakishly tiny hands, inhaler (cuz asthma's a sneaky bitch), good pen, extra deodorant, and the iPhone. These are my everyday must-haves y'all ❤

Day 14: Something You’re Reading

You know it. You've seen. It's a bday item. IT IS HILARIOUS.


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4 Responses to Photo Challenge: Days 12, 13 & 14 (honkin’ oops friends)

  1. mummasays says:

    What else is in that back pack of yours? Tape measure: random necessary item but I bet it would come in handy sometimes, maybe I should try and squeeze one into my tetris handbag? 😉
    Fresh & fun close up, I’m not big into make up so I love your pic, cockatoo and all!

    • JamieRene says:

      LOL!! My backpack is a menagerie!! It also contains my laptop, phone and mac chargers, binder clips, safety pins, bandaids and neosporin, a couple bottles of water and some almonds for low blood sugar, my pocket knife for opening new bundles of material at work….and golly, I don’t even know what else =P And you’d be surprised how often you need a tape measure hahaha!! Outside of using it for work, I’ve hauled it out at IKEA, Home Depot, friend’s houses – it’s dead useful!! You should totally color code one so as not to lose an ounce of awesomeness with the Tetris handbag – I love it so much!! And thanks for the props on my sans-makeup pic =D And for your outright acceptance of my cockatoo hair ❤

  2. Lovely lady, be proud of your good skin and teeth!

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