WHEW!! Sorries y’all!!

Does my head seem a little misshapen to you?

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in so many days!! It’s been adventure city here in Dentopia!! I’ll give you a quick run-down and try to do future posts on some of the topics, ’cause there’s definitely some hilarious stories to be told. I did not mean to drop off the radar. I promise. Hearts you guys, hearts.

  1. Cousins + friend – in town – building Benjamin and me a fence to contain the miscreant pups.
  2. Miscreant pups are all stink-eyed because they have no fence, so they can’t run freely and have to potty on leashes. In the cold. Life is rough.
  3. Rain, so much of it, days one and two – so the concrete didn’t set as fast as it should have, so the poor guys couldn’t start putting pickets on as quickly as they’d hoped and there was zip they could do about it. Harsh universe, way harsh.
  4. Adventures in E.B-sitting, I’m learning not only what it’s like to have more than 2 people living in a house, I’m learning the massive amounts of bodily and mental coordination required to keep a toddler up and goin’ – it involves washing a LOT of dishes, for one.

    Basket 'o' fun y'all

  5. E.B. got super sick – like seriously, pneumonia (That appeared out of nowhere!! Fine on Monday, pneumonia by Thursday. I didn’t even know that could happen). Poor baby had us heartbroken, and I got so worked up and worried that I had insomnia for the third night in a row. Her Momma and Daddy got her to the doc as soon as her fever indicated a need for more than Tylenol, and the nice doctors at my favorite hospital got some antibiotics in her system ASAP. She was feeling much better today, and even felt up to potty training and sharing toys with Jeh-Jee. Such a trooper!!
  6. Dinner for 10. No really, dinner for 10people. Lots of beer, and no place to sit. Because I forgot I had scheduled Habitat for Humanity to come pick up the old furniture after we got the new couch. Which seats 2.5, and they showed up at lunch

    A friendly visual aide: This is what your fridge will look like when there's 6 sleeping, and 10 for dinner.

    time on the day of the dinner party. It was truly one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. People should ditch all their chairs more often.

  7. Distractions: pretty fence, adorable baby, Yo Gabba Gabba, no naps/sleep, dishes, laundry
  8. Potty training. WOW. Hats off to moms everywhere.
  9. Hats off to moms everywhere for being moms. I still can’t wait to join your ranks, but from someone who didn’t get to work up from newborn to toddler, may I just say – YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO BUY YOU A QUIET WEEKEND. ALONE. IN A FLUFFY BATHROBE. SOMEWHERE WITH A SPA TUB AND A MASSEUSE. Thank you for sacrificing everything to bring new humans into the world, you guys are doing an awesome job and you deserve a raise. Also, do your feet hurt this bad all of the time? Are there certain shoes that help?

    No pants and "Jeh-Jee"s trainers. A recipe for success. For realz.

  10. PMS. Still. Ugh.
  11. Trying to get some work done (and failing).
  12. Plus, I am having the BEST time ever. I love having my family here. All the laughter, noise, jokes, cooking. Getting to make a full pot of coffee in the morning, instead of the measly 8 cups I usually make for me and Benjamin. It’s lovely, and heartwarming, and utterly distracting in the best way imaginable.

    The Fam. Love. Hearts. Happy.


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