Photo Challenge: Day 11 ~ Where You Sleep

Finally a venue to legitimately talk about redecorating our room!! Hold onto your seats y’all!!

SO – Right now, it’s a cave. The previous owners of our house painted the bedroom walls a deep teal. It’s not an unappealing color, but it is far too dark for the dimensions of the room. I’ve spent the last year trying to find something other than white that (a) is a versatile neutral (b) will open up the room so it doesn’t feel suited for early man (c) won’t sicken and bore us after 12 months. After a year of debate, I HAVE DECIDED. And you’re going to think I’m a complete lunatic. The color scheme is going to be white, beige, and an icy gray. And I know, I KNOW, that sounds like it wouldn’t go together at all – but I have sampled my ass off people, and it gives a clean, open, peaceful feeling to the room in your house where you most need to be able to mellow out. This year for Christmas, I asked for the very first items on my room-flip agenda. The bedding!! I went with a plain white duvet for our comforter, to function as the top sheet because Benjamin likes to stick his feets out the bottom of the covers. That’s topped with a plush blanket and beige linen bedspread with minimal texture. Bottom sheets and pillow cases are plain white cotton to match the duvet. Ultimately, we will have a down comforter for the duvet, but that’s going to require putting aside a little more rainy day money. And there you have it, where we sleep =D

Day 11: Where You Sleep

Paint comes next!! I can't wait!!


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