Photo Challenge: Day 10 ~ Childhood

My cousins are in town to build a gorgeous new privacy fence for me and the Benjamin. And they have my most adorable 21 month old cousiniece with them. Her name is E.B., she rocks a polka-dot raincoat, she calls my dog Izza-dah, and she’s potty training. So today, in representation of childhood, here’s EeBz with her potty, her alien hat, and some Dora the Explorer – as photographed by her “Jeh-Jee” (Translation: Jamie)

Day 10: Childhood

Rule that potty Alien EeBz - OWN IT!!


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8 Responses to Photo Challenge: Day 10 ~ Childhood

  1. moinla says:

    You have just made my otherwise sad day…love all of you. GROUP HUG!!!

  2. mummasays says:

    Haha thats one huge hat! Potty training: I will be embarking on that adventure this year…wish me luck 🙂

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