Jamie According to Benjamin =P

I had to ask Benjamin to help me edit the photo at the bottom of my post on The Breakfast Soufflé Thingy, so that my apron would say “KCUF” facing the proper way. My photo editing software didn’t have a mirror image option, so we uploaded the photo to LunaPic…20 minutes later, this is what Benjamin handed back to me:

Yeah. Just Don't.

Awwws ❤

Hey!! I'm ADHD...Emphasis on the "H" y'all


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Texas Fence Supply is a supplier located in North Dallas; contact us for information on our wood and chain link products, as well as our modular fence system.
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3 Responses to Jamie According to Benjamin =P

  1. brenda baker says:

    you cannot
    ya hear me! its a no

  2. manifestoshewrote says:

    I’m so glad that apron is getting used! I bought that when I went to the V to the tenth event in New Orleans! It was for the 10 year anniversary of V-Day/ the Vagina Monologues.

    Btw, that weekend, I met Eve Ensler, and THENNNNNN- WAS SO CLOSE TO ROSARIO DAWSON I COULD ALMOST TOUCH HER. LITERALLY. I just sat there staring at her. All of my teenage Clerks dreams had come true. No, but seriously, they did. HOLY SHIZ!

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