Photo Challenge: Day 9 ~ The Daily Grind

My morning must be the same each day, or I suffer from severe confusion. Coffee is made the night before to auto-brew at 6:00am. I lumber into the kitchen, pour life-giving java directly into my to-go mug to save time later, turn on the news, and settle in to check my lists. Lists are BIG with me. They are how I operate function. It’s part of being ADD – given the opportunity to think about ice cream, bunnies, riding bikes, and the mysteries of the universe – I will. Absolutely. And I will not think about what I need to get done today.

So step three is my Orchestra. It’s an app, and a website – they instantly update each other with whatever you add on either your phone or laptop. It helps me organize. It texts me AND emails me. On my phone? I can talk to it!! It lets me assign crap to other people, and then it texts them their tasks and due date (this is AMA-ZA-ZING for work and Honey-Do Lists). It organizes things by priority. I can make as many different lists as I want. I can change stuff as often as I need to. It’s so simple I can use it before I even have my coffee. AND IT’S FREE. I sort of have a major crush on my Orchestra app. I wish I could buy it a beer and a cheeseburger.

Day 9: Daily Routine

Clockwise from top: News, Orchestra, and fave to-go mug. There's also an elliptical machine to the left of the TV. That's just for decoration y'all.


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2 Responses to Photo Challenge: Day 9 ~ The Daily Grind

  1. I know I’m sitting in the same room as you and we are both blogging…but I’ve never heard of this! Orchestra, not coffee. I am amazed.

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