Listography: 5 Best Evers

I tried to post this earlier, but there was some huge formatting error because none of the pictures showed up or anything – so here it goes again. I apologize to those who received the weirdo email =P

The challenge this week is to give our 5 best whatevers – we get to pick. It’s good that it’s open to interpretation, because I laid waste to the rules last week on Top Photos. SO – This week, it is my mission to keep a tolerable, and rule-abiding, 5 only. What are my 5 bests though?? Thanks for the challenge Kate, I love it!!

1. Best Decision I Ever Made

How YOU doin?

Going to a Lost party with a bunch of people I barely knew in February of 2009. I had just come to the other side of a divorce, was not looking to date, and most of my close friends lived 45 minutes south of me. So I had a lot of “alone” time, whether I wanted it or not. I had celebrated my birthday a couple months before, and randomly ran into a fella that had kindly bought me a drink at the bar on my day of birth. We became friends over the next couple weeks, and he invited me to watch Lost with the local group of Lost-addicts one Wednesday night. I didn’t have class until 11am the next day, and I had been hardcore into Lost for the first couple seasons, so I went. And there was the most-handsome-dude-with-a-beard-and-a-killer-smile there and I was damn near breathless around him. And I followed him around all night. I have never been so obvious in my entire life, I just COULD NOT play it cool around this guy. We hung out until 5am (everyone else had disappeared by 2am), and talked about sci-fi, art, politics, religion, work, education, and badass movies. I gave him my number before I left, and he asked me out exactly 3 days later. We haven’t been apart for more than 48 hours since. He is the love of my life. Benjamin, you are the best.

2. Best “I Can’t Believe I Pulled That Off”


I went to school for my Associate Degree before continuing on for my Bachelor’s. Associate Degrees are generally offered in only two areas. You either get and Associate of Arts, or an Associate of Science. I wanted to complete an Associate of Science, which essentially is as simple as completing an extra mathematics and completing both the Biology and Chemistry requirements. [Insert squealing-to-a-stop sound here]. There’s three things in this life I am 99.9% certain that I suck at: (1) singing (2) geometry (3) chemistry. Crap. What’s a girl to do?? I registered for the course. I immediately met with my prof to work out the best way for me to at least pass. I went to every class, every lab, I asked every question I could think of. I toiled through every homework assignment. I went to the library 3-4 days a week with my boy-bestie J.L. who is a science/math genius and he tutored me through every last reaction, equation, conclusion. I cried over my grades. I argued with my teacher. I made it though the final. On the day semester grades were posted, I logged on to my school profile, and…..I got an A. I GOT AN A!!! I screamed so loud I scared my very elderly Great-Uncle. I got a hug after that, but I startled the daylights out of him.

3. Best I’ve Ever Felt About Myself

You guys rock, I wish I could just give you a big hug!!

Having people respond to this blog. For sure. I loved, loved to write for most of my life. But, my approach to writing was constantly (and on some occasions viciously) critiqued to the point of eliminating my voice entirely. This happened throughout high school and the beginnings of my college career as a journalism student in Missouri. So I stopped writing. For 12 years. I started blogging to get my thoughts out. To share the life I adore with others. And to highlight how funny I think the universe is, because I firmly believe that if you can’t make it through the day without laughing, then everything will turn out okay. And people actually read it. And not just family members that I coerced into participation – strangers too!! And most especially, people who have other blogs that I LOVE – seriously, I get STOKED when y’all drop by. I even have a cyber-stalker, she’s my friend and has completely confessed to stalking me, but it’s still awesome!! Because of all of you – for visiting, for reading, for commenting, for liking – I feel validated. I feel inspired. I have no way to tell you how much it means to me. Thank you.

4. Best Day of My Life

The day I survived my heart surgery. They found the hole in my heart and fixed it. I was told in one year, it would be like nothing had ever happened. And Benjamin and I could look forward to a normal life – with babies. When I got done puking for 8 hours, I was the happiest girl on the planet.

5. Best Thing About Me

My family. All of them. My biological fam, Benjamin, his family, all the aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws, our friends, my sis and bro-in-law’s friends, my parent’s friends – all the extendedness. There’s the family you’ve got, and then the family you build. Well, this family reaches throughout the North American continent and across the pond. We are a family of love, of laughter, of hope and determination. We are with each other through everything. This family is the light inside of me. I would be nothing without them.

There's no way I could get everyone in one photo, but here's a general idea of good times with the fam ❤

Kate’s listography is fun for all, so head on over to Kate Takes 5 and check it out. Submit yours, and check out the other listographers – I promise, you’ll find something you love!!


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21 Responses to Listography: 5 Best Evers

  1. Did you enter you blog in the linky? You should so it shows up on Kate Takes 5’s page!

  2. I wondered what happened! I was trying to comment and it kept saying that the post disappeared into cyber space!

    My favorite day of my life, thus far, is when you survived heart surgery.

    This post is so sweet, punkin!

    • JamieRene says:

      Aww you just made me cry-happy, I love you so much!! And I have a bunch of junk to tell you, got time for a Skype date tomorrow??

      • manifestoshewrote says:

        YES! Crap. we totally forgot, again. We forget like every time. Super suck! And yes, I most definitely do!

        Oh, btdubs, this is my new WordPress acct!

        I added the last three posts from my tumblr, cause, well, I thought they were important.

        LOVE YOU.

      • JamieRene says:

        YAAAAYYY!! You’re on wordpress…it’s sooo…convenient =P Kayso mañana Skypes, a que hora? Luv u 2’s.

  3. What a fun list! Thank you for commenting about my kitchen feature at Remodelaholic and for stopping by my blog! I hope to see you again soon! 🙂

    • JamieRene says:

      You are quite welcome!! Thanks for visiting me as well, and I cannot wait to see more of your projects!! By the way, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is one of my all-time favorite kid books =D

  4. Kelly says:

    Aw great list! I went all goose-bumpy when I read number one. I’m with you on number 3- thanks for your comment on my blog by the way!

  5. Mama Syder says:

    Such a brilliant post! I love your list. How you met your soul mate is so sweet and the family photo is great!

  6. pinkoddy says:

    Wow you seem so awesome. I loved to read that and haha how u made me special just by being here.

    • JamieRene says:

      You are special, in everything you do, because you are distinctly YOU!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!! Thanks for thinking I sound awesome LoL, that totally makes my day =D Sending you your very own hug, and thanks for visiting me!!

  7. Lovely list. You seem like one cool lady 🙂

  8. Kate Takes 5 says:

    That there is a serious list lady. So glad you joined in. x

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