Photo Challenge: Day 7 (But day 1 for me, because that’s how I roll)

So I’m getting a way late start on this, but for years now I’ve been saying I need to do a better job of documenting Ben’s and my amazing life and memorable moments (up until now I have completely relied upon our friend E.V. to make sure future people knew what we looked like in our 30’s – hearts to her for doing such a good job!!). I swiped this brilliant idea from my bloggy friend “Mummasays”. Her photos are wonderful, and totally inspired me, so hopefully I can get a good bit of practice in with this photo challenge – and simultaneously bulk up our memory bank. And I’m going to share them all with you. Mwah!!

Day 7: Favourite

Benjamin and our nephew (on my side) at Christmas. LJE had finally gotten big enough that it didn't scare Ben to hold him. As soon as my sis arrived with her little one, Benjamin was jumping to play with LJ. These are the two handsomest guys I have ever seen. Both are perfection in my eyes.


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5 Responses to Photo Challenge: Day 7 (But day 1 for me, because that’s how I roll)

  1. Aws.

    You are so precious.

    And icky at the same time, lovely.

    Boys. Gross.

    But that’s why I adore you. ❤

    • JamieRene says:

      I adore you too!! I imagine you’re already at your amazing bday dinner and I never got a chance to call you!! What say Benjamin and I serenade you on our Skype date tomorrow??? XOXO

  2. mummasays says:

    Such an adorable photo! Have fun with the photo challenge, I look forward to following your photos!
    Thanks for the kind words x

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