LJ’s first visit to Aunt Jamie & Unka Ben’s House!!

I know mom luvs me. Cuz I escaped today, and she still gaves me dis chew bone.

As you may already know, my fantastic cousins are coming up this next week to help me build a fence to keep my miscreant escape-doggies in the yard. Only it will be beautiful, not just functional, because they have vision and talent for realz. Anyway, due to Benjamin’s and my ongoing remodeling of our home, there was some construction crap we had hidden behind our shed that needed to go to the Dentonian dump before the cousins arrive. My amazing bro-in-law has a sick trailer, it’s like 20′, and he offered to drive our junk down to the heap so we could get it out of the way. This story is the sequence of events that occurred as a result of that.

First of all, Benjamin and Bro-in-law (B.E.) got carried away using my good 9V batteries to set steel wool on fire on the porch (they’re big on survival skillz) and missed the window to get the stuff to the dump. So I have to get up at 6:30am on Monday to go with my bro-in-law to the dump to get rid of this junk. Which I’m actually totally excited about, because I’ve never seen the dump. They have ravines y’all. RAVINES!!

Anyway, when the gentlemen return I announce that I’m hungry and I want to see my sis and nephew. So we arrange to cook brunch at our house, and I send the boys to the store with a list so I can pick up and prepare for my nephews arrival. This involved a quick sweep of the floors, a quick rinse of the dishes, and 20 minutes of Lysol-bombing my house. Just in cases.

Well. The guys return. After AN HOUR. I knew something had gone down. I KNEW they hadn’t followed the list. Here’s all the crap they bought that wasn’t on the list:

Breakfast. And Beer. And Hot Wings. And Cookie Dough...

So, we totally had hot wings and beer before brunch. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Then we played with LJ and I got to holds him and help him get sleepy. And I showed him the room in our house that he gets to

"Hey! Hey Aunt Jamie! Hi!"

share with his cousin EB (Jell-Jell’s little girl). It has fluffy carpets for crawling, a walking cart that kiddos can put their stuff in and push while they’re learning about balance and feets coordination, an entire shelf of stuffed animals, an alien costume, and a reading chair. (My next mission is to purchase a pack’n’play). LJ was super stoked. So stoked even, that he pooped, and I had to give him back to mom for a diaper change. Then me and LJ settled down so he could take a nap. Did you know babies make you forget stuff? Like that you’re hungry? Or that you ever cared about food ever in your life? That’s how cute this kid is. I don’t even want to eat.

So much CHEESE. MmMMmm...

I let everyone else get their fill of brinner (brunch dinner – because by this time it was 3pm) and then handed LJ over to my sis so I could dish up. I sort of invented this breakfasty soufflé thingy this morning, based on stuff that sounded good – and it was good!! I’ll share the recipe in a separate post =D We had it with biscuits and some homemade apple butter my momma gave us. NOM NOM NOM.

And then Benjamin and B.E. played an explosions game on PS3 while my sis and I looked at recipes. It was WONDERFUL. I’m off now to sing a horrible rendition of Happy Birthday to my NY BFF. And I have to go get ready to hang with some more favorite people, one of them being my friend E.V. who documents Benjamin’s and my existance =D She’ll be so proud when I show her all my new pictures!!


Sleepz. And my heart skips a beat.


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3 Responses to LJ’s first visit to Aunt Jamie & Unka Ben’s House!!

  1. moinla says:

    My favorite post EVER! Loved the amended grocery list, LJ, the “baby” room, LJ, poops, courtesy of LJ, a wonderful afternoon which included some yummy looking melted cheese dish (I want the recipe) and lots of time with LJ! I am SO jealous of Jells, Hubs and EB for getting to hang out up there for a week…BUT we get Jewlz and Duna!! Let the good times begin!!!!! Much, much love to all of you.

    • JamieRene says:

      You will be SO missed!! Benjamin and I are bound for your town as soon as we can get some more vacation time, and absolutely before spring for me because I need to rest up before the fence season starts. And tell Unka A. I’ve been on a bloody mary kick and it makes me miss him. I’ll blog the melty cheese recipe tomorrw =D It’s super easy!! I LOVE YOU!!

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